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Effective Duration 5.82

Effective duration is the standard measurement of sensitivity of a bond’s price to change in interest rates. Effective duration is expressed in years. When interest rates are rising, the price of bonds is declining. Conversely, when interest rates are declining, the price of bonds is increasing. The effective duration is the approximate percentage that the value of the bond will increase or decrease for a 1% change in interest rates. For example, a portfolio with an effective duration of 7 years would fall approximately 7% in value if interest rates increased by 1%. Due to the effect of inflation on TIPS, the effective duration of a portfolio with substantial TIPS holdings will measure only the approximate change in the value of the portfolio for a 1% change in interest rates. Therefore, effective duration should only be used as an estimate of the anticipated behavior of the Fund’s NAV given a change in interest rates.

Portfolio Concentration

US TIPS 80.87%
High Yield Corp 6.39%
Mortgage Backed Securities 5.49%
Other(incl Cash, FX, Gov Deriv, Commodities) 4.26%
Emerging Markets 2.09%

Top 10 Holdings

U.S. TIPS, 0.625%, 1/15/2026 13.44%
U.S. TIPS, 2.375%, 1/15/2017 11.62%
U.S. TIPS, 0.125%, 4/15/2018 7.20%
U.S. TIPS, 1.125%, 1/15/2021 6.46%
U.S. TIPS, 0.125%, 1/15/2023 6.07%
U.S. TIPS, 0.125%, 7/15/2022 5.46%
U.S. TIPS, 0.125%, 4/15/2021 4.39%
U.S. TIPS, 2%, 1/15/2026 3.90%
U.S. TIPS, 0.625%, 1/15/2024 2.75%
U.S. TIPS, 0.375%, 7/15/2023 2.65%

Credit Quality

AAA 82.61%
A 1.19%
BBB 1.06%
BB 1.51%
B 4.41%
Below B 3.98%
Not Rated 5.24%

Ratings shown are assigned by one or more Nationally Recognized Statistical Credit Rating Organizations ("NRSRO"), such as Standard & Poor's, Moody's and Fitch. The ratings are an indication of an issuer's creditworthiness and typically range from AAA or Aaa (highest) to D (lowest). When two or more ratings are available, the highest rating is used; and when only one is available, that rating is used. The Non-Rated category consists of securities that have not been rated by an NRSRO. U.S. Treasury securities and U.S. Government Agency securities are not rated but deemed to be equivalent to securities rated AAA/Aaa. The credit quality of the investments in the Fund's portfolio does not apply to the stability or safety of the Fund. Please note, the Fund itself has not been rated by an independent rating agency. Credit quality, as rated by S&P, Moody's or Fitch, is an assessment of the credit worthiness of an issuer of the underlying security and not the Fund or its shares. Ratings are subject to change.

All data is subject to change on a daily basis.

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