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Discover why respected industry experts are increasingly taking note of Guggenheim Investments and our innovative fixed income solutions and capabilities.

S&P Global Market Intelligence - Q&A Guggenheim Limited Duration Fund

August 19, 2016
Guggenheim portfolio manager, researcher share fixed-income investment trends.


Minerd: Central Bank Liquidity Driving Asset Prices

July 27, 2016
On FOMC decision day, Scott Minerd, Chairman of Investments and Global CIO, discusses on CNBC the investment ramifications of global central bank policies.


The Wall Street Transcript – Money Manager Interview:
Avoiding Mistakes through Upfront Analysis and Ongoing Monitoring

June 6, 2016
Thomas Hauser, Managing Director and Portfolio Manager, shares highlights of the Guggenheim Floating Rate Strategies Fund (GIFIX). He also discusses Guggenheim’s investment philosophy, including the tenets of behavioral finance, which maintains that investors value the avoidance of loss more than alpha.


Minerd on WealthTrack: Fixed Income Strategies in a Negative Rate World

April 29, 2016
Scott Minerd, Chairman of Investments and Global CIO, discusses challenges and opportunities in today’s market with WealthTrack’s Consuelo Mack.


InvestmentNews: Considering Human Nature

March 28, 2016
Guggenheim Investments believes its success is about more than understanding market behavior; it is about understanding human behavior. Scott Minerd, Global Chief Investment Officer and Chairman of Investments of Guggenheim, describes how the firm has built much of its investment approach around the behavioral finance work of Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman.


Guggenheim's Scott Minerd Discusses Credit Markets and Interest Rates

InvestmentNews, March 25, 2016
Scott Minerd, Global Chief Investment Officer and Chairman of Investments of Guggenheim, shares his views on attractive sectors in the current credit markets and portfolio strategies for changing interest rate environments.


Barron’s: Winning Teamwork

March 21, 2016
Drawing on the strengths of four autonomous groups, the Guggenheim Total Return Bond Fund has outpaced most of its peers over the past three years.


Ticker Magazine: Buy to Own - Guggenheim Total Return Bond Fund (GIBIX)

January 29, 2016
Resourceful and organized investors can take advantage of the inefficient fixed-income market of $37 trillion. Anne Walsh explains how the portfolio team at Guggenheim Total Return Bond Fund looks for non-index securities that offer superior-return opportunity profiles, with one overriding theme of avoiding losses.


Guggenheim's fixed-income shop shaping up to be next bond kingdom

InvestmentNews, September 25, 2015


Recognized for Best Fixed Income Initiatives at WealthManagement.com Industry Awards

Wealth Management, October 12, 2015
Guggenheim’s timely and relevant fixed income commentary and research cited for supporting financial advisor success and helping clients navigate investors toward their financial goals.


Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

The Funds may not be suitable for all investors. • The Funds' market value will change in response to interest rate changes and market conditions, among other factors. In general, bond prices rise when interest rates fall and vice versa. • You may have a gain or loss when you sell your shares. • It is important to note that the Funds are not guaranteed by the U.S. government. • The Funds may have exposure to high yield securities, municipal securities, floating rate securities, foreign securities, derivative instruments, real estate, commodity markets and other fixed income securities. • Exposure to high yield securities may subject a Fund to greater volatility. • Investments in municipal securities can be affected by events that affect the municipal bond market. • Investments in syndicated bank loans generally offer a floating interest rate and involve special types of risks. • Investments in foreign securities carry additional risks when compared to U.S. securities due to the impact of diplomatic, political or economic developments in the country in question (investments in emerging markets securities are generally subject to an even greater level of risk). • Investments in derivative instruments can be more volatile and less liquid, increasing the risk of loss when compared to traditional securities. Certain of the derivative instruments are also subject to the risks of counterparty default and adverse tax treatment. • Investments in real estate securities subjects a Fund to the same risks as direct investments in real estate, which is particularly sensitive to economic downturns. • When market conditions are deemed appropriate, the Funds may use leverage to the full extent permitted by their investment policies and restrictions and applicable law. Leveraging will exaggerate the effect on net asset value of any increase or decrease in the market value of the Fund‘s portfolio. • Please see each Fund’s prospectus for more information on these and other risks.

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