Guggenheim’s History of Responsible Corporate Citizenship

Upholding the principles of the Guggenheim family by promoting a firm culture that values initiative, encourages ideas, and rewards success.

Guggenheim Investments is a global investment management firm providing institutions, insurance companies, and individual investors with specialized products, services, and solutions.

As a global asset manager, we seek to deliver exceptional, long-term value to our clients and the constituents they serve. We strive to accomplish this goal through our investment process, while managing our business with strong governance, sustainable and scalable business practices, and promoting a workplace built on acceptance, trust, respect, and community engagement.

Sustainability and ESG initiatives have long been considerations for Guggenheim Investments. Our firm’s commitment to a vision for the Arctic put us at the forefront of sustainable development, setting the stage for our leadership role in developing the landmark Arctic Investment Protocol. Our partnerships with the World Wildlife Fund, the World Economic Forum, and the United Nations Foundation have been a cornerstone in advancing such directives as the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Our consideration of ESG factors to enhance our ability to manage risk and advance sustainability is important, both within our distinctive investment process and in the way we operate our business.

For over a century, the Guggenheim name has been synonymous with a spirit of innovation, industry expertise, and success. Our history stems from the Guggenheim family business dating back to the late 1800s. In its modern form, our firm began with the mission of creating exceptional value for our clients by applying the principles that made the Guggenheim family one of the most successful innovators, investors, and business managers in American history. Those principles entailed engaging highly talented people, challenging them to think creatively, and encouraging them to achieve extraordinarily high standards in their fields of expertise. Today, we continue to uphold the principles of the Guggenheim family by promoting a firm culture that values initiative, encourages ideas, and rewards success. We integrate sustainability and ESG by:

  • Considering ESG factors in our macroeconomic research, sector research, issuer research, and portfolio management.
  • Providing strong leadership throughout the firm to ensure ESG factors are understood by all investment professionals and integrated into their work.
  • Working closely with our clients to ensure we understand their risk tolerance levels and the best approach to incorporating ESG criteria.
  • Being transparent about our approach to responsible investing and the application of ESG principles into our investment thesis.
  • Collaborating with global organizations and thought leaders to promote sustained social and economic development, while safeguarding the environment for future generations.

There are three specific areas in which we demonstrate our commitment to sustainability: Sustainable development, integrating ESG into our investment process, and striving for responsible citizenship and engagement.



Investing involves risk, including the possible loss of principal. Infrastructure investments may be subject to a variety of risks, not all of which can be foreseen or quantified, including operating, economic, environmental, commercial, currency, regulatory, political and financial risks. Investing in a specific sector such as infrastructure is more volatile than investing in a broadly diversified portfolio, as there is a greater risk due to the concentration of holdings in issuers of similar offerings. Sustainability requirements, including environmental, social, and governance (ESG) obligations may limit available investments, which could hinder performance when compared to strategies with no such requirements.

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