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Today’s markets are dynamic and you need to be able to respond to them. Guggenheim understands your need for flexibility with a line-up of 57 Rydex Funds that offer exposure to today’s most popular benchmarks. Unlike many other funds, which may have holding period restrictions, the Rydex funds offer unlimited exchange privileges—no holding periods and no transaction fees—among equivalent share classes of the Rydex funds. Keep in mind that certain share classes may impose sales charges on new purchases or for early redemption and other account fees such as fund expenses, brokerage commissions and service fees may apply.

Informative White Paper


A Comparison of ETF and Mutual Fund Ownership Costs: The True Cost of Investing—The reflexive perception that ETFs cost less, simply based on their low expense ratios, and are more cost-effective than mutual funds, is not entirely true. In addition to an expense ratio, there are additional considerations that should be considered when making an informed choice between ETFs and funds—including spreads and commissions. This white paper will help you better understand:

  • The cost of ownership for ETFs and No-Transaction-Fee (NTF) mutual funds
  • How active trading strategies affect the cost of ETF and NTF mutual fund ownership
  • Ownership considerations—rules of thumb for evaluating the most cost-effective investment vehicle

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