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Performance displayed represents past performance which is no guarantee of future results. Investment returns and principal value will fluctuate so that when shares are redeemed, they may be worth more or less than original cost. Returns reflect the reinvestment of all dividends. Current performance may be lower or higher than the performance data quoted.

Fund Ticker Share Class Date NAV Cusip
Dow 2x Strategy RYLDX A 12/7/2022 $124.18 78355Y888
Dow 2x Strategy RYCYX C 12/7/2022 $105.25 78355Y102
Dow 2x Strategy RYCVX H 12/7/2022 $123.72 78355Y201
Emerging Markets 2x Strategy RYWTX A 12/7/2022 $50.27 78356C760
Emerging Markets 2x Strategy RYWUX C 12/7/2022 $46.47 78356C778
Emerging Markets 2x Strategy RYWVX H 12/7/2022 $50.23 78356C794
Emerging Markets Bond Strategy RYIEX A 12/7/2022 $57.61 78356C653
Emerging Markets Bond Strategy RYFTX C 12/7/2022 $52.79 78356C661
Emerging Markets Bond Strategy RYGTX H 12/7/2022 $57.30 78356C646
Inverse Dow 2x Strategy RYIDX A 12/7/2022 $42.10 78355Y870
Inverse Dow 2x Strategy RYCZX C 12/7/2022 $36.30 78355Y300
Inverse Dow 2x Strategy RYCWX H 12/7/2022 $42.20 78355Y409
Inverse Emerging Markets 2x Strategy RYWWX A 12/7/2022 $15.28 78356C745
Inverse Emerging Markets 2x Strategy RYWZX C 12/7/2022 $15.14 78356C752
Inverse Emerging Markets 2x Strategy RYWYX H 12/7/2022 $15.45 78356C786
Inverse NASDAQ-100® 2x Strategy RYVTX A 12/7/2022 $46.31 78355Y805
Inverse NASDAQ-100® 2x Strategy RYCDX C 12/7/2022 $39.47 78355E502
Inverse NASDAQ-100® 2x Strategy RYVNX H 12/7/2022 $46.39 783554397
Inverse Russell 2000® 2x Strategy RYIUX A 12/7/2022 $11.11 78356A723
Inverse Russell 2000® 2x Strategy RYIZX C 12/7/2022 $9.76 78356A715
Inverse Russell 2000® 2x Strategy RYIRX H 12/7/2022 $10.91 78356A699
Inverse S&P 500® 2x Strategy RYTMX A 12/7/2022 $47.43 78355Y607
Inverse S&P 500® 2x Strategy RYCBX C 12/7/2022 $40.19 78355E304
Inverse S&P 500® 2x Strategy RYTPX H 12/7/2022 $47.64 783554421
NASDAQ-100® 2x Strategy RYVLX A 12/7/2022 $210.18 78355Y706
NASDAQ-100® 2x Strategy RYCCX C 12/7/2022 $153.33 78355E403
NASDAQ-100® 2x Strategy RYVYX H 12/7/2022 $210.10 783554413
Russell 2000® RYRRX A 12/7/2022 $44.33 78356A681
Russell 2000® RYROX C 12/7/2022 $37.64 78356A673
Russell 2000® RYRHX H 12/7/2022 $44.22 78356A665
Russell 2000® 2x Strategy RYRUX A 12/7/2022 $131.94 78356A756
Russell 2000® 2x Strategy RYRLX C 12/7/2022 $114.95 78356A749
Russell 2000® 2x Strategy RYRSX H 12/7/2022 $130.95 78356A731
S&P 500® RYSOX A 12/7/2022 $61.65 78356A657
S&P 500® RYSYX C 12/7/2022 $52.52 78356A640
S&P 500® RYSPX H 12/7/2022 $61.65 78356A632
S&P 500® 2x Strategy RYTTX A 12/7/2022 $175.19 78355Y508
S&P 500® 2x Strategy RYCTX C 12/7/2022 $144.56 78355E205
S&P 500® 2x Strategy RYTNX H 12/7/2022 $174.90 783554439

Read a prospectus and summary prospectus (if available) carefully before investing. It contains the investment objective, risks charges, expenses and the other information, which should be considered carefully before investing. To obtain a prospectus and summary prospectus (if available) click here or call 800.820.0888.

Investing involves risk, including the possible loss of principal.

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