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Guggenheim Investment’s Business Continuity Summary Disclosure Statement to Clients

Guggenheim Investments' business continuity plan is designed to address significant business disruptions affecting business operations conducted at any of the firm’s locations. Guggenheim Investments’ mission for contingency planning is to ensure the continuous, reliable delivery of service to Guggenheim Investments’ customers while maintaining regulatory compliance.

Guggenheim Investments’ plan incorporates the company's mission critical systems and processes, related employees that are essential for Guggenheim Investments to continue to conduct business during a business interruption. Every important aspect of Guggenheim Investments’ business is addressed in the plan and Guggenheim Investments’ goal is to recover its mission critical processes with minimal interruption, on the same day, if possible, depending on the nature of the business disruption.

Guggenheim Investments has taken significant steps to reduce the impacts of potential business disruptions resulting from a variety of events, including the loss of facilities and resources. Guggenheim Investments has designed a business continuity plan in light of possible scenarios in an effort to minimize any business interruption, including off-site electronic back-up of our data, re-routing of telephone lines, and alternate physical workspace.

Guggenheim Investments’ third party investment manager partners have also adopted similar continuity plans to address significant business interruption affecting operations.

Since events causing business disruptions vary in nature and scope, Guggenheim Investments has anticipated situations in which any one of our offices may be affected by an incident specific to that location such as a fire, as well as incidents that may affect a citywide or regional area.

Investors in Guggenheim Investments’ closed-end funds and unit investment trusts should be aware that these funds and trusts are served by independent, third party transfer agents and/or custodians. Customers will continue to have access, through normal channels (via telephone, fax and e-mail), to their investments through these third parties, and the ability to make purchases and sales despite the fact that Guggenheim Investments may be experiencing a significant business disruption, unless the disruption is industry wide in scope.

At a minimum, the Guggenheim Investments business continuity plan is reviewed, updated and tested on an annual basis and any material modifications to the plan will be posted on the company websites at www.guggenheiminvestments.com. If you have additional questions about our business continuity planning, you can contact us at 800.820.0888.

Making sure that any type of business disruption does not unduly impact our clients is extremely important to us. Please be assured that every reasonable effort will be made to restore and maintain normal service levels as soon as possible. Effects of a disaster are difficult to predict and the disruption of systems and processes on an industry wide basis pose great challenges for any business continuity plan. There can be no assurance that any plan can address such unforeseen contingencies. Regardless of the nature or scope of the potential business disruption, Guggenheim Investments will strive to provide continuous service to its clients.

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