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Across investments, risk management, operations, compliance, legal and client relationship management, our professionals are committed to advancing the strategic interest of our clients and to delivering long-term results with excellence and integrity. We invite you to meet senior members of our institutional team and discover how our expertise can help solve your complex investment challenges.


Jerry Miller


Scott Minerd

Chairman of Guggenheim Investments and Global Chief Investment Officer, Managing Partner

Dustan Beier

Chief Financial Officer

Brian Binder

Chief Administrative Officer

Matthew Bloom

Head of Corporate Credit Research, Corporate Credit Investment Committee Member

Joe Burschinger

Chief Risk Officer

Dina DiLorenzo

Chief Operating Officer

Adrian Duffy

Head of European Corporate Credit

Michael Foley

Senior Managing Director, Head of Institutional Client Group, Americas & UK/Europe

Kevin Gundersen

Portfolio Manager, Corporate Credit Investment Committee Member

Thomas Hauser

Portfolio Manager, Corporate Credit Investment Committee Member

Robert Jee

Chief Compliance Officer, Guggenheim Partners Investment Management

Alastair McKeever

Portfolio Manager, Corporate Credit Investment Committee Member

Patrick Mitchell

Senior Advisor to the Global Chief Investment Officer

Christopher Parisi, CIMA

Senior Managing Director, Head of Intermediary Distribution

Kevin Robinson

General Counsel

David Rone

Senior Advisor to the President

Daniel Shannon

Global Head of Operations

Farhan Sharaff

Assistant Chief Investment Officer, Equities

Anne Walsh, CFA

Chief Investment Officer, Fixed Income

Tim Wright

Head of Strategy

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