The Supply of Investable Capital

The total size of Global Capital Markets is estimated at US $218 trillion.

Persistent low yields are a significant challenge for investors. Global capital markets, estimated at US $218 trillion, can support part of the US $2.5 trillion annual infrastructure investment shortfall.

We believe infrastructure investments can help institutional investors reach their goals and can offer:

  • Attractive risk-adjusted returns
  • Low correlation to traditional asset classes
  • Stable cash yield
  • Long-lived physical assets
  • Essential services for a society
  • Barriers to entry for competitors
  • A measure of inflation protection

Private Sources of Capital in US$ Trillions

Private Sources of Capital in US$ Trillions

Source: WEF (2014)

Infrastructure is key for every UN SDG. Today’s decisions will chart our course for decades.

Efficient investment can improve the sustainability of infrastructure. Historically, 60 percent of global greenhouse gases can be attributed to the development and use of conventional infrastructure.

Investment decisions will determine a path towards a sustainable future—or lock in wasteful and polluting structures.


Source: WEF (2014), Fankhauser and Stern (2016), Guggenheim Investments


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