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Date Title
1/2/2015 Guggenheim Investments Announces January 2015 Closed-End Fund Distributions
1/28/2015 AVK January Section 19a Notice Letter
1/31/2015 AVK Form NQ
2/3/2015 Guggenheim Investments Announces February 2015 Closed-End Fund Distributions
2/25/2015 AVK February Section 19a Notice Letter
3/2/2015 Guggenheim Investments Announces March 2015 Closed-End Fund Distributions
4/1/2015 Guggenheim Investments Announces April 2015 Closed-End Fund Distributions
4/30/2015 AVK Semi-Annual Report
5/1/2015 Guggenheim Investments Announces May 2015 Closed-End Fund Distributions
5/22/2015 AVK May Section 19a Notice Letter
6/2/2015 Guggenheim Investments Announces June 2015 Closed-End Fund Distributions
6/24/2015 AVK June Section 19a Notice Letter
7/1/2015 Guggenheim Investments Announces July 2015 Closed-End Fund Distributions
7/28/2015 AVK July Section 19a Notice Letter
8/3/2015 Guggenheim Investments Announces August 2015 Closed-End Fund Distributions
9/1/2015 Guggenheim Investments Announces September 2015 Closed-End Fund Distributions
10/1/2015 Guggenheim Investments Announces October 2015 Closed-End Fund Distributions
11/2/2015 Guggenheim Investments Announces November 2015 Closed-End Fund Distributions
12/1/2015 Guggenheim Investments Announces December 2015 Closed-End Fund Distributions
1/4/2016 Guggenheim Investments Announces January 2016 Closed-End Fund Distributions
2/2/2016 Guggenheim Investments Announces February 2016 Closed-End Fund Distributions
3/1/2016 Guggenheim Investments Announces March 2016 Closed-End Fund Distributions
4/1/2016 Guggenheim Investments Announces April 2016 Closed-End Fund Distributions
5/2/2016 Guggenheim Investments Announces May 2016 Closed-End Fund Distributions
6/1/2016 Guggenheim Investments Announces June 2016 Closed-End Fund Distributions
7/1/2016 Guggenheim Investments Announces July 2016 Closed-End Fund Distributions
8/26/2015 AVK August Section 19a Notice Letter
9/28/2015 AVK September Section 19a Notice Letter
8/28/2015 AVK Form NQ
10/28/2015 AVK October Section 19a Notice Letter
10/31/2015 AVK Annual Report October 2015
11/23/2015 AVK November Section 19a Notice Letter
12/30/2015 AVK December 2015 Section 19A Notice
1/27/2016 AVK January 2016 Section 19a Notice Letter
1/31/2016 AVK Form NQ
2/24/2016 AVK February 2016 Section 19a Notice Letter
3/29/2016 AVK March 2016 Section 19A Notice
4/26/2016 AVK April 2016 Section 19A Notice
4/30/2016 AVK Semiannual Report
5/26/2016 AVK May 2016 Section 19A Notice
6/28/2016 AVK June 2016 Section 19A Notice
7/27/2016 AVK July 2016 Section 19a Notice Letter
8/1/2016 Guggenheim Investments Announces August 2016 Closed-End Fund Distributions
8/29/2016 AVK August 2016 Section 19a Notice Letter
9/1/2016 Guggenheim Investments Announces September 2016 Closed-End Fund Distributions
9/27/2016 AVK September 2016 Section 19a Notice Letter
7/31/2016 AVK Form NQ
10/3/2016 Guggenheim Investments Announces October 2016 Closed-End Fund Distributions
10/28/2016 AVK October 2016 Section 19a Notice Letter
11/1/2016 Guggenheim Investments Announces November 2016 Closed-End Fund Distributions
11/16/2016 AVK November 2016 Section 19a Notice Letter
12/1/2016 Guggenheim Investments Announces December 2016 Closed-End Fund Distributions
12/15/2016 AVK December 2016 Section 19a Letter
10/31/2016 AVK Annual Report October 2016
1/3/2017 Guggenheim Investments Announces January 2017 Closed-End Fund Distributions
1/11/2017 Trump Era: Why Investing in Convertibles Makes Sense
1/25/2017 AVK January 2017 Section 19a-1 Notice Letter
2/1/2017 Guggenheim Investments Announces February 2017 Closed-End Fund Distributions
2/15/2017 AVK February 2017 Section 19a-1 Notice Letter
3/1/2017 Guggenheim Investments Announces March 2017 Closed-End Fund Distributions
3/24/2017 AVK March 2017 Section 19a Notice Letter
3/28/2017 AVK Form NQ
4/3/2017 Guggenheim Investments Announces April 2017 Closed-End Fund Distributions
5/1/2017 The Board of Trustees of Advent/Claymore Closed-End Funds Announces Potential Tender Offers by AVK and AGC and Declares Distributions, Including an Increased Distribution Rate for AVK
5/1/2017 Guggenheim Investments Announces May 2017 Closed-End Fund Distributions
6/1/2017 Guggenheim Investments Announces June 2017 Closed-End Fund Distributions
6/13/2017 AVK April Section 19a Notice Letter
6/13/2017 AVK May Section 19a Notice Letter
6/28/2017 AVK June 2017 Section 19a-1 Notice Letter
4/30/2017 AVK Semi-Annual Report April 2017
7/3/2017 Guggenheim Investments Announces July 2017 Closed-End Fund Distributions
8/1/2017 Guggenheim Investments Announces August 2017 Closed-End Fund Distributions
8/9/2017 Advent/Claymore Closed-End Funds Announce Tender Offers
8/28/2017 AVK August 2017 Section 19a-1 Notice Letter
9/1/2017 Guggenheim Investments Announces September 2017 Closed-End Fund Distributions
9/7/2017 Advent/Claymore Closed-End Funds Announce Expiration and Preliminary Results of Tender Offers
9/12/2017 Advent/Claymore Closed-End Funds Announce Final Results of Tender Offers
9/26/2017 AVK September 2017 Section 19a-1 Notice Letter
7/31/2017 AVK Form NQ
10/2/2017 Guggenheim Investments Announces October 2017 Closed-End Fund Distributions
10/25/2017 AVK October 2017 Section 19a-1 Notice Letter
11/1/2017 Guggenheim Investments Announces November 2017 Closed-End Fund Distributions
11/27/2017 AVK November 2017 Section 19a-1 Letter
12/1/2017 Guggenheim Investments Announces December 2017 Closed-End Fund Distributions
12/21/2017 AVK December 2017 Section 19a-1 Letter
10/31/2017 AVK Annual Report October 2017
1/2/2018 Guggenheim Investments Announces January 2018 Closed-End Fund Distributions
1/25/2018 AVK January 2018 Section 19a-1 Notice Letter
2/1/2018 Guggenheim Investments Announces February 2018 Closed-End Fund Distributions
3/1/2018 AVK February 2018 Section 19a-1 Notice Letter
3/1/2018 Guggenheim Investments Announces March 2018 Closed-End Fund Distributions
3/14/2018 Advent/Claymore Closed-End Funds Announce the Boards’ Approval of Mergers of the Funds and Announce Date of Annual Meetings of Shareholders
3/26/2018 AVK March 2018 Section 19a-1 Letter
4/2/2018 Guggenheim Investments Announces April 2018 Closed-End Fund Distributions
5/1/2018 Guggenheim Investments Announces May 2018 Closed-End Fund Distributions
5/30/2018 Advent/Claymore Closed-End Funds Merger Q&A
4/30/2018 AVK April 2018 Section 19a Notice Letter
6/1/2018 AVK May 2018 Section 19a Notice Letter
6/1/2018 Guggenheim Investments Announces June 2018 Closed-End Fund Distributions
6/29/2018 AVK Semiannual Report April 2018
6/29/2018 AVK June 2018 Section 19a Notice Letter
7/2/2018 Guggenheim Investments Announces July 2018 Closed-End Fund Distributions
7/20/2018 Advent/Claymore Closed-End Funds Announce Shareholder Approval of Mergers of the Funds
7/26/2018 AVK July 2018 Section 19a Notice Letter
8/16/2018 AVK August 2018 Section 19a Notice Letter
8/27/2018 Advent/Claymore Closed-End Funds Announce Completion of Mergers of the Funds
8/1/2018 Advent/Claymore Closed-End Funds Announce August 2018 Distributions
9/4/2018 Guggenheim Investments Announces September 2018 Closed-End Fund Distributions
9/27/2018 AVK September 2018 Section 19a Notice Letter
10/1/2018 Guggenheim Investments Announces October 2018 Closed-End Fund Distributions
10/26/2018 AVK October 2018 Section 19a Notice Letter
11/1/2018 Guggenheim Investments Announces November 2018 Closed-End Fund Distributions
11/29/2018 AVK November 2018 Section 19a Notice Letter
12/3/2018 Guggenheim Investments Announces December 2018 Closed-End Fund Distributions
12/24/2018 AVK December 2018 Section 19a Notice Letter
10/31/2018 AVK Annual Report October 2018
1/2/2019 Guggenheim Investments Announces January 2019 Closed-End Fund Distributions
1/3/2019 Why Convertibles Now?
1/23/2019 AVK January 2019 Section 19a Notice Letter
2/1/2019 Guggenheim Investments Announces February 2019 Closed-End Fund Distributions
2/25/2019 AVK February 2019 Section 19a Notice Letter
3/1/2019 Guggenheim Investments Announces March 2019 Closed-End Fund Distributions
3/15/2019 AVK March 2019 Section 19a Notice Letter
3/27/2019 2018 QII Tax Information
3/27/2018 2017 QII Tax Information
4/1/2019 Guggenheim Investments Announces April 2019 Closed-End Fund Distributions
4/24/2019 AVK April 2019 Section 19a Notice Letter
5/1/2019 Guggenheim Investments Announces May 2019 Closed-End Fund Distributions
5/15/2019 AVK May 2019 Section 19a Notice Letter
4/30/2018 AVK Semmi Annual Report 2018
6/3/2019 Guggenheim Investments Announces June 2019 Closed-End Fund Distributions

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