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CUSIPs Trust NASDAQ Ticker Symbol Liquidation Mandatory Maturity Date
  Alerian MLP Infrastructure & Income Portfolio, 004 CAMIDX $9.0103 1/7/2020 AMII004 40174B754, 40174B762, 40174B770, 40174B788
  BDC Scorecard Portfolio, 013 CBDCMX $9.4761 12/17/2019 BDCS013 40174B390, 40174B408, 40174B416, 40174B424
  Blue Chip Growth Portfolio, 016 CBCHPX $13.2852 11/18/2019 BCHP016 40173A781, 40173A799, 40173A807, 40173A815
  California Municipal Portfolio of CEFs, 024 CECAYX $8.8985 12/6/2019 DCCA024 40173C407, 40173C415, 40173C423, 40173C431
  Core Four 60/40 Retirement Portfolio, 004 CCFODX $10.2387 11/18/2019 CFOR004 40174A582, 40174A590, 40174A608, 40174A616
  Covered Call & Income Portfolio of CEFs, 040 CCCILX $9.0919 12/6/2019 COV040 40173C480, 40173C498, 40173C506, 40173C514
  Discount Opportunity Strategy Portfolio of CEFs, 013 CGDOMX $9.4486 12/16/2019 GDOS013 40173C720, 40173C738, 40173C746, 40173C753
  Diversified Income Wave Portfolio, 070 CFWAEX $9.1002 12/9/2019 FWAV070 40174B192, 40174B200, 40174B218, 40174B226
  Dividend Growth Portfolio, 006 CDGPFX $12.7996 11/27/2019 DGP006 40169E102, 40169E110, 40169E128, 40169E136
  Dividend Strength Portfolio, 028 CGROCX $11.5478 11/22/2019 GROW028 40173C183, 40173C191, 40173C209, 40173C217
  Dow 10 Portfolio, 035 CDOWJX $10.5866 1/2/2020 DDP035 40174B556, 40174B564, 40174B572, 40174B580
  Dow Jones Sustainable Growth Portfolio, 004 CSUSDX $11.3541 11/18/2019 SUST004 40174A541, 40174A558, 40174A566, 40174A574
  Dow Jones Value Dividend Focus Portfolio, 034 CRBDIX $9.4177 12/17/2019 RBPD034 40174B358, 40174B366, 40174B374, 40174B382
  Emerging Markets Dividend Strategy Portfolio, 027 CGEMBX $10.0806 11/26/2019 GEMD027 40174A665, 40174A673, 40174A681, 40174A699
  Energy Portfolio, 024 CENPYX $7.5520 1/13/2020 DES024 40173T343, 40173T350, 40173T368, 40173T376
  Enhanced Quality 16 Strategy Portfolio, 013 CEQSMX $10.2326 1/8/2020 EQST013 40174B671, 40174B689, 40174B697, 40174B705
  Equity & Income Portfolio of CEFs, 043 CCEERX $9.4720 12/6/2019 CEEI043 40173C449, 40173C456, 40173C464, 40173C472
  European Capital Strength Portfolio, 015 CECPOX $9.5595 11/18/2019 ECAP015 40173C100, 40173C118, 40173C126, 40173C134
  European High Dividend Portfolio, 013 CEUHMX $9.6718 12/17/2019 EUHD013 40174B432, 40174B440, 40174B457, 40174B465
  Financials Portfolio, 009 CFINIX $10.8674 10/30/2019 FIN009 40172R843, 40172R850, 40172R868, 40172R876
  Flaherty & Crumrine Preferred Portfolio, 044 CPRESX $9.3499 11/8/2019 PREF044 40173A500, 40173A518, 40173A526, 40173A534
  Floating Rate & Dividend Growth Portfolio, 015 CFRDOX $10.5819 10/29/2019 FRDG015 40170D762, 40170D770, 40170D788, 40170D796
  Floating Rate & Dividend Growth Portfolio, 016 CFRDPX $10.4677 10/30/2019 FRDG016 40173A468, 40173A476, 40173A484, 40173A492
  Global 100 Dividend Strategy Portfolio, 016 CGONPX $9.3710 12/17/2019 GONE016 40174B317, 40174B325, 40174B333, 40174B341
  Global Water Equities Portfolio, 033 CGWEHX $11.3366 11/18/2019 AQUA033 40170D689, 40170D697, 40170D705, 40170D713
  Health Care Portfolio, 024 CHCRYX $11.3184 1/13/2020 DHS024 40173T384, 40173T392, 40173T400, 40173T418
  Income & Treasury Limited Duration Portfolio of Funds, 057 CFICEX $9.8274 12/9/2019 FICE057 40174B150, 40174B168, 40174B176, 40174B184
  Infrastructure & MLP Portfolio of CEFs, 032 CCEIGX $7.8406 11/11/2019 CEIF032 40173A583, 40173A591, 40173A609, 40173A617
  Intermediate Investment-Grade Corporate Trust, 016 CGIIPX $37.5400 11/7/2019 GIIC016 18387J285, 18387J293
  Intermediate Investment-Grade Corporate Trust, 019 CGIISX $50.1700 11/7/2019 GIIC019 18387K381, 18387K399
  Intermediate Investment-Grade Corporate Trust, 020 CGIITX $78.9300 11/7/2019 GIIC020 18387K407, 18387K415
  Intermediate Investment-Grade Corporate Trust, 021 CGIIUX $1.3500 11/7/2019 GIIC021 18387K423, 18387K431
  Intermediate Investment-Grade Corporate Trust, 022 CGIIVX $167.4500 11/7/2019 GIIC022 18387K449, 18387K456
  Intermediate Investment-Grade Corporate Trust, 023 CGIIWX $135.0000 1/17/2020 GIIC023 18387Q305, 18387Q313
  International Dividend Strategy Portfolio, 041 CMVPPX $9.2299 1/2/2020 MVP041 40174B598, 40174B606, 40174B614, 40174B622
  MLP & Energy Funds Portfolio, 020 CMLPTX $6.9177 12/23/2019 MLP020 40173C845, 40173C852, 40173C860, 40173C878
  National Municipal Portfolio of CEFs, 036 CENMKX $9.6652 11/4/2019 DCEN036 40173A625, 40173A633, 40173A641, 40173A658
  NDR Thematic Opportunities Portfolio, 005 CTOPEX $9.7027 11/29/2019 TOP005 40174A780, 40174A798, 40174A806, 40174A814
  New Jersey Municipal Portfolio of CEFs, 021 CENJUX $9.6434 1/6/2020 DCNJ021 40173T186, 40173T194, 40173T202, 40173T210
  New York Municipal Portfolio of CEFs, 028 CENYCX $9.4436 11/7/2019 DCNY028 40172W222, 40172W230, 40172W248, 40172W255
  New York Municipal Portfolio of CEFs, 029 CENYDX $9.5876 11/4/2019 DCNY029 40173A708, 40173A716, 40173A724, 40173A732
  Rising Rate Defensive Equity Portfolio, 008 CRREHX $8.6844 10/28/2019 RREP008 40170D721, 40170D739, 40170D747, 40170D754
  Rising Rate Defensive Equity Portfolio, 009 CRREIX $8.4709 10/28/2019 RREP009 40173A427, 40173A435, 40173A443, 40173A450
  Senior Loan & Income Portfolio of CEFs, 032 CESLFX $8.3933 11/7/2019 DCES032 40172W305, 40172W313, 40172W321, 40172W339
  Senior Loan & Income Portfolio of CEFs, 033 CESLGX $8.5186 11/4/2019 DCES033 40173A666, 40173A674, 40173A682, 40173A690
  Short Duration High Yield Trust, 024 CGSHYX $22.7600 11/7/2019 GSHY024 40168C586, 40168C594
  Short Duration High Yield Trust, 029 CGSYDX $46.2500 11/7/2019 GSHY029 40168J706, 40168J714
  Short Duration High Yield Trust, 034 CGSYIX $65.4400 1/17/2020 GSHY034 40167X227, 40167X235
  Short Duration High Yield Trust, 037 CGSYLX $72.4100 1/17/2020 GSHY037 40169A803, 40169A811
  Short Duration High Yield Trust, 038 CGSYMX $76.3300 1/17/2020 GSHY038 40169A829, 40169A837
  Strategic Income Portfolio, 103 CFSIEX $10.0325 1/6/2020 FSIP103 40174B630, 40174B648, 40174B655, 40174B663
  Technology Portfolio, 021 CTECUX $13.7901 10/31/2019 DTS021 40170D101, 40170D119, 40170D127, 40170D135
  Technology Portfolio, 022 CTECVX $12.3778 10/25/2019 DTS022 40173A385, 40173A393, 40173A401, 40173A419
  Total Income Portfolio, 014 CTIPNX $9.4440 11/27/2019 TIP014 40174B101, 40174B119, 40174B127, 40174B135
  UBS Opportunistic Equity Income List: Equity Advisory Group 2018-3 (AVAILABLE THROUGH UBS ADVISORS ONLY), 014 CUBCNX $10.6779 12/11/2019 UCAM014 40174B234, 40174B242, 40174B259, 40174B267
  Undervalued Top Picks Portfolio, 018 CUVARX $8.4644 11/26/2019 UVAL018 40174A707, 40174A715, 40174A723, 40174A731
  US Capital Strength Portfolio, 015 CUCAOX $12.5117 11/18/2019 UCAP015 40173A823, 40173A831, 40173A849, 40173A856
  US High Dividend Strategy Portfolio, 030 CUSHEX $10.2450 1/21/2020 USHD030 40174C141, 40174C158, 40174C166, 40174C174
  US Low Volatility Strategy Portfolio, 024 CULOYX $11.7984 11/1/2019 ULOW024 40174A145, 40174A152, 40174A160, 40174A178
  US SMID High Dividend Portfolio, 030 CSMHEX $9.0366 1/21/2020 SMHD030 40174B838, 40174B846, 40174B853, 40174B861
  Utilities Portfolio, 027 COPUCX $12.0248 1/13/2020 DUS027 40173T426, 40173T434, 40173T442, 40173T459
  Zacks Income Advantage Strategy Portfolio, 043 CCZIRX $8.8857 11/15/2019 CZIP043 40174A467, 40174A475, 40174A483, 40174A491

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