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CUSIPs Trust Ticker Symbol Liquidation1 Mandatory Maturity Date
  Balanced Income Builder Portfolio, 035 CGBIJX $9.2072 4/20/2023 GBIB035 40176X564, 40176X572, 40176X580, 40176X598
  Blue Chip Dividend Portfolio, 004 CBCDDX $9.4968 5/17/2023 BCDV004 40176Y265, 40176Y273, 40176Y281, 40176Y299
  Blue Chip Growth Portfolio, 030 CBCHEX $10.9266 5/17/2023 BCHP030 40176Y307, 40176Y315, 40176Y323, 40176Y331
  Build America Bonds Trust, 001 CGBAAX $239.7400 5/11/2023 GBAB001 18387Q446, 18387Q453
  California Municipal Portfolio of CEFs, 037 CECALX $6.6988 6/7/2023 DCCA037 40176Y661, 40176Y679, 40176Y687, 40176Y695
  Consumer Innovation Portfolio, 001 CCNSAX $7.5034 3/27/2023 CNSR001 40176X846, 40176X853, 40176X861, 40176X879
  Convertible & Income Portfolio of Funds, 034 CECIIX $6.6097 4/5/2023 DCEC034 40176X481, 40176X499, 40176X507, 40176X515
  Core Four 60/40 Retirement Portfolio, 018 CCFORX $8.9133 5/22/2023 CFOR018 40177F265, 40177F273, 40177F281, 40177F299
  Covered Call & Income Portfolio of CEFs, 047 CCCISX $8.1792 4/5/2023 COV047 40176X523, 40176X531, 40176X549, 40176X556
  Discount Opportunity Strategy Portfolio of CEFs, 020 CGDOTX $8.3307 4/5/2023 GDOS020 40176X408, 40176X416, 40176X424, 40176X432
  Diversified Income Wave Portfolio, 084 CFWASX $7.3879 5/3/2023 FWAV084 40177G149, 40177G156, 40177G164, 40177G172
  Dividend Strength Portfolio, 042 CGROQX $9.0207 5/24/2023 GROW042 40176Y547, 40176Y554, 40176Y562, 40176Y570
  Dow 10 Portfolio, 048 CDOWWX $9.0630 4/5/2023 DDP048 40177D146, 40177D153, 40177D161, 40177D179
  Dow 50 Growth Portfolio, 018 CSUSRX $10.3062 5/22/2023 SUST018 40177F224, 40177F232, 40177F240, 40177F257
  Dow 50 Value Dividend Portfolio, 047 CRBDVX $8.7959 3/16/2023 RBPD047 40177C841, 40177C858, 40177C866, 40177C874
  Equity & Income Portfolio of CEFs, 050 CCEEZX $7.0649 6/7/2023 CEEI050 40176Y620, 40176Y638, 40176Y646, 40176Y653
  European Capital Strength Portfolio, 022 CECPVX $8.6115 5/17/2023 ECAP022 40176Y422, 40176Y430, 40176Y448, 40176Y455
  Financials Portfolio, 017 CFINQX $8.0286 4/5/2023 FIN017 40176X440, 40176X457, 40176X465, 40176X473
  Flaherty & Crumrine Preferred Portfolio, 053 CPRECX $7.0747 5/26/2023 PREF053 40177A100, 40177A118, 40177A126, 40177A134
  Floating Rate & Dividend Growth Portfolio, 023 CFRDWX $9.2112 5/1/2023 FRDG023 40176X762, 40176X770, 40176X788, 40176X796
  Global Balanced Income Builder Portfolio, 017 CGBLQX $8.9061 3/30/2023 GBAL017 40176X226, 40176X234, 40176X242, 40176X259
  Income & Treasury Limited Duration Portfolio of Funds, 071 CFICSX $8.2434 6/8/2023 FICE071 40177G107, 40177G115, 40177G123, 40177G131
  Investment Grade Corporate Trust 3-7 Year, 010 CGIGJX $139.4500 6/1/2023 GIGS010 40172X469, 40172X477
  ML Top Picks for 2022 (AVAILABLE THROUGH MERRILL LYNCH ADVISORS ONLY), 010 CMPIJX $9.1739 4/27/2023 MPIX010 40177G420, 40177G438
  National Municipal Portfolio of CEFs, 050 CENMZX $6.7911 5/3/2023 DCEN050 40176Y109, 40176Y117, 40176Y125, 40176Y133
  NDR Precious Metals & Miners Portfolio, 020 CPMMTX $8.8956 4/20/2023 PMMP020 40176X804, 40176X812, 40176X820, 40176X838
  New York Municipal Portfolio of CEFs, 036 CENYKX $6.7174 5/3/2023 DCNY036 40176Y182, 40176Y190, 40176Y208, 40176Y216
  S&P Dividend Aristocrats Select 25 Strategy Portfolio, 026 CACTAX $9.2709 4/27/2023 ACTS026 40177D468, 40177D476, 40177D484, 40177D492
  Senior Loan & Income Portfolio of CEFs, 040 CESLNX $7.8463 5/3/2023 DCES040 40176Y141, 40176Y158, 40176Y166, 40176Y174
  Technological Innovation Portfolio, 017 CATEQX $7.6917 3/15/2023 ATEC017 40176X143, 40176X150, 40176X168, 40176X176
  Technology Portfolio, 029 CTECDX $8.9147 4/24/2023 DTS029 40176X648, 40176X655, 40176X663, 40176X671
  Tekla Medical Science Innovation Portfolio, 002 CTMEBX $6.8637 5/17/2023 TMED002 40176Y380, 40176Y398, 40176Y406, 40176Y414
  US 50 Dividend Strategy Portfolio, 031 CUFTFX $8.6915 4/27/2023 UFTY031 40177D500, 40177D518, 40177D526, 40177D534
  US Capital Strength Portfolio, 022 CUCAVX $10.2766 5/17/2023 UCAP022 40176Y349, 40176Y356, 40176Y364, 40176Y372
  US High Dividend Strategy Portfolio, 043 CUSHRX $10.4668 4/20/2023 USHD043 40177D427, 40177D435, 40177D443, 40177D450
  US Low Volatility Strategy Portfolio, 038 CULOMX $9.7917 5/3/2023 ULOW038 40177D708, 40177D716, 40177D724, 40177D732

1 The "liquidation" price represents the net asset value of one unit of a trust and includes any front-end and deferred sales charges accounted for if investors liquidate units.

* No data available. Contact the trading desk for more information.

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