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CUSIPs Trust NASDAQ Ticker Symbol Liquidation Mandatory Maturity Date
  ABC High Dividend Strategy Portfolio, 017 CABCQX $6.1178 9/1/2016 ABC017 40169A365, 40169A373, 40169A381, 40169A399
  Alternative Income Portfolio, 003 CAIPCX $7.2905 10/20/2016 AIP003 40168M709, 40168M717, 40168M725, 40168M733
  Balanced Income Builder Portfolio, 009 CGBIIX $10.1643 10/19/2016 GBIB009 40168M386, 40168M394, 40168M402, 40168M410
  Blue Chip Growth Portfolio, 005 CBCHEX $10.5795 8/17/2016 BCHP005 40166G688, 40166G696, 40166G704, 40166G712
  Compass Undervalued Top Picks Portfolio, 005 CUVAEX $9.3771 8/22/2016 UVAL005 40169M302, 40169M310, 40169M328, 40169M336
  Convertible & Income Portfolio of Funds, 020 CECITX $7.9899 10/12/2016 DCEC020 40168M261, 40168M279, 40168M287, 40168M295
  Corporate High Yield & Income Portfolio of CEFs, 026 CEIPWX $8.1737 8/10/2016 DCEI026 40168L784, 40168L792, 40168L800, 40168L818
  Diversified Credit Portfolio of ETFs, 005 CDCPEX $9.1273 8/17/2016 DCP005 40166G803, 40166G811, 40166G829, 40166G837
  Diversified Dividend & Income Portfolio, 020 CDDITX $9.6532 9/28/2016 DDI020 40169A563, 40169A571, 40169A589, 40169A597
  Diversified Income Wave Portfolio (15 Month), 054 CFWAQX $8.7591 9/8/2016 FWAV054 40169M641, 40169M658, 40169M666, 40169M674
  Diversified Income Wave Portfolio, 053 CWAVLX $7.9188 8/10/2016 WAVE053 40168L826, 40168L834, 40168L842, 40168L859
  Dividend Strength Portfolio, 014 CGRONX $10.5207 8/24/2016 GROW014 40169A142, 40169A159, 40169A167, 40169A175
  Dow 10 Portfolio, 022 CDOWVX $10.3074 10/3/2016 DDP022 40169P263, 40169P271, 40169P289, 40169P297
  Dow Jones Value Dividend Focus Portfolio, 021 CRBDUX $9.8152 9/16/2016 RBPD021 40169M807, 40169M815, 40169M823, 40169M831
  Emerging Markets Dividend Strategy Portfolio, 014 CGEMNX $8.4055 8/22/2016 GEMD014 40169M260, 40169M278, 40169M286, 40169M294
  Energy Portfolio, 017 CENPQX $5.5831 8/24/2016 DES017 40169A100, 40169A118, 40169A126, 40169A134
  European Capital Strength & Hedged Currency Portfolio, 001 CECSAX $8.7859 7/25/2016 ECSH001 40169L528, 40169L536, 40169L544, 40169L551
  European Small-Cap Capital Strength Portfolio, 002 CEUSBX $10.3850 9/28/2016 EUSC002 40169A605, 40169A613, 40169A621, 40169A639
  Financials Portfolio, 003 CFINCX $10.2114 10/20/2016 FIN003 40168M741, 40168M758, 40168M766, 40168M774
  Floating Rate & Dividend Growth Portfolio, 006 CFRDFX $9.6100 8/24/2016 FRDG006 40169A225, 40169A233, 40169A241, 40169A258
  Global 100 Dividend Strategy Portfolio, 003 CGONCX $8.4753 9/16/2016 GONE003 40169M849, 40169M856, 40169M864, 40169M872
  Global Balanced Income Builder Portfolio, 004 CGBLDX $8.7065 7/27/2016 GBAL004 40168L602, 40168L610, 40168L628, 40168L636
  Global Commodity Producers Portfolio, 002 CGCOBX $6.5433 7/27/2016 GCOM002 40166H785, 40166H793, 40166H801, 40166H819
  Health Care Portfolio, 017 CHCRQX $10.9115 7/27/2016 DHS017 40168L529, 40168L537, 40168L545, 40168L552
  Income & Treasury Limited Duration Portfolio of Funds (Trust Termination Date 9/8/2016), 044 CFICQX $9.6245 9/8/2016 FICE044 40169M609, 40169M617, 40169M625, 40169M633
  Income & Treasury Limited Duration Portfolio of Funds, 039 CICEAX $8.6312 9/14/2016 ICE039 40169A647, 40169A654, 40169A662, 40169A670
  Infrastructure & MLP Portfolio of CEFs, 019 CCEISX $5.4081 8/10/2016 CEIF019 40168L743, 40168L750, 40168L768, 40168L776
  International Dividend Strategy Portfolio, 028 CMVPCX $8.7017 10/3/2016 MVP028 40169P305, 40169P313, 40169P321, 40169P339
  Large-Cap Core Portfolio, 022 CACEVX $10.3010 8/24/2016 LCAP022 40169A183, 40169A191, 40169A209, 40169A217
  MLP & Energy Funds Portfolio, 007 CMLPGX $5.4217 9/28/2016 MLP007 40169A761, 40169A779, 40169A787, 40169A795
  Multi-Asset Global Dividend Strategy Portfolio, 001 CMGDAX $8.0395 7/25/2016 MGD001 40169M500, 40169M518, 40169M526, 40169M534
  Multinational Titans Portfolio, 007 CMNTGX $9.5968 10/19/2016 MNTP007 40168M584, 40168M592, 40168M600, 40168M618
  Multiple Asset Portfolio Plus, 051 CMPPYX $8.8548 10/12/2016 MPP051 40168M303, 40168M311, 40168M329, 40168M337
  Precious Metals & Miners Portfolio, 007 CPMMGX $9.9810 10/19/2016 PMMP007 40168M626, 40168M634, 40168M642, 40168M659
  Quality Dividend Strategy Portfolio, 013 CTPLMX $9.6990 10/3/2016 TPLA013 40169P461, 40169P479, 40169P487, 40169P495
  REIT Portfolio, 011 CGRTKX $9.7129 10/19/2016 GRET011 40168M428, 40168M436, 40168M444, 40168M451
  SMid Dividend Strength Portfolio, 002 CSMDBX $11.1815 9/14/2016 SMDS002 40169A480, 40169A498, 40169A506, 40169A514
  Spin-Off Portfolio, 002 CSPIBX $9.7917 8/17/2016 SPIN002 40166G720, 40166G738, 40166G746, 40166G753
  Strategic Income Portfolio (15-Month), 086 CFSIQX $9.1989 10/7/2016 FSIP086 40169P503, 40169P511, 40169P529, 40169P537
  Strategic Income Portfolio, 089 CSIPUX $8.2050 10/12/2016 SIP089 40168M345, 40168M352, 40168M360, 40168M378
  Technological Innovation Portfolio, 003 CATECX $10.1034 9/21/2016 ATEC003 40169A720, 40169A738, 40169A746, 40169A753
  Total Income Portfolio, 003 CTIPCX $8.3010 8/24/2016 TIP003 40169A266, 40169A274, 40169A282, 40169A290
  UBS Check-A-Month List: Equity Advisory Group, 2015-1 (AVAILABLE THROUGH UBS ADVISORS ONLY), 001 CUBCAX $9.8579 9/12/2016 UCAM001 40169M468, 40169M476, 40169M484, 40169M492
  US 50 Dividend Strategy Portfolio, 004 CUFTDX $8.8077 7/25/2016 UFTY004 40169L460, 40169L478, 40169L486, 40169L494
  US High Dividend Strategy Portfolio (2-Year), 006 CTUHFX $10.4667 8/17/2016 TUHD006 40166G761, 40166G779, 40166G787, 40166G795
  US High Dividend Strategy Portfolio , 017 CUSHQX $10.7969 10/17/2016 USHD017 40169P669, 40169P677, 40169P685, 40169P693
  US Housing Recovery Portfolio, 004 CUHRDX $11.1353 10/20/2016 USHR004 40168N103, 40168N111, 40168N129, 40168N137
  US Low Volatility Strategy Portfolio, 011 CULOKX $10.4583 8/1/2016 ULOW011 40169M104, 40169M112, 40169M120, 40169M138
  US SMID High Dividend Portfolio , 017 CSMHQX $8.4277 10/17/2016 SMHD017 40169P628, 40169P636, 40169P644, 40169P651
  Utilities Portfolio, 020 COPUTX $11.8999 7/27/2016 DUS020 40168L560, 40168L578, 40168L586, 40168L594
  Zacks Income Advantage Strategy Portfolio (2-Year), 009 CTZIIX $6.3955 8/15/2016 TZIP009 40166G647, 40166G654, 40166G662, 40166G670
  Zacks Income Advantage Strategy Portfolio, 030 CCZIEX $7.4099 8/15/2016 CZIP030 40169L767, 40169L775, 40169L783, 40169L791
  Zacks Rank Strong Buy 50 Strategy Portfolio, 004 CZRSDX $9.0550 10/3/2016 ZRSB004 40169P347, 40169P354, 40169P362, 40169P370
  Zebra Capital Low Volume Leaders Strategy Portfolio, 001 CZCLAX $9.7398 8/23/2016 ZCLV001 40169M542, 40169M559, 40169M567, 40169M575

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