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Matured UITs

CUSIPs Trust NASDAQ Ticker Symbol Liquidation Mandatory Maturity Date
  Balanced Income Builder Portfolio, 010 CGBIJX $9.7435 1/18/2017 GBIB010 40169G644, 40169G651, 40169G669, 40169G677
  BofA Merrill Lynch Millennials Portfolio (AVAILABLE THROUGH MERRILL LYNCH ADVISORS ONLY), 001 CMGEAX $9.2770 11/15/2016 MGENY001 40169N763, 40169N771, 40169N789, 40169N797
  BulletShares High Yield Low Duration 2016-2019 Bond Ladder Portfolio of ETFs , 005 CBHYEX $9.3357 12/14/2016 BHYB005 40169E300, 40169E318, 40169E326, 40169E334
  California Municipal Portfolio of CEFs, 014 CECANX $9.2681 12/7/2016 DCCA014 40169E623, 40169E631, 40169E649, 40169E656
  California Municipal Portfolio of CEFs, 015 CECAOX $9.5117 1/11/2017 DCCA015 40169E581, 40169E599, 40169E607, 40169E615
  Canadian Energy & Income Portfolio, 031 CCRTFX $7.2835 1/18/2017 CRT031 40169G602, 40169G610, 40169G628, 40169G636
  Claymore Municipal Portfolio 10-15 Years, 006 CIITFX $1.3390 10/25/2016 CIIT006 183842533
  Covered Call & Income Portfolio of CEFs, 034 CCCIFX $8.7580 12/14/2016 COV034 40169E383, 40169E391, 40169E409, 40169E417
  Discount Opportunity Strategy Portfolio of CEFs, 007 CGDOGX $9.1486 12/21/2016 GDOS007 40169E508, 40169E516, 40169E524, 40169E532
  Diversified Income Wave Portfolio (15 Month), 056 CFWARX $9.3406 12/7/2016 FWAV056 40170A404, 40170A412, 40170A420, 40170A438
  Diversified Income Wave Portfolio, 055 CWAVMX $7.5650 11/9/2016 WAVE055 40168N384, 40168N392, 40168N400, 40168N418
  Dividend Strength Portfolio, 015 CGROOX $10.5605 11/23/2016 GROW015 40169E144, 40169E151, 40169E169, 40169E177
  Dow 10 Portfolio, 023 CDOWWX $12.1345 1/3/2017 DDP023 40170A800, 40170A818, 40170A826, 40170A834
  Dow Jones Value Dividend Focus Portfolio, 022 CRBDVX $11.0921 12/15/2016 RBPD022 40170A602, 40170A610, 40170A628, 40170A636
  Emerging Markets Dividend Strategy Portfolio, 015 CGEMOX $10.1068 11/22/2016 GEMD015 40169N680, 40169N698, 40169N706, 40169N714
  Enhanced Quality 16 Strategy Portfolio, 001 CEQSAX $11.2682 1/6/2017 EQST001 40169N805, 40169N813, 40169N821, 40169N839
  Equity & Income Portfolio of CEFs, 037 CCEELX $8.5863 12/14/2016 CEEI037 40169E342, 40169E359, 40169E367, 40169E375
  European Capital Strength & Hedged Currency Portfolio, 002 CECSBX $9.0253 10/24/2016 ECSH002 40169P826, 40169P834, 40169P842, 40169P859
  European Capital Strength Portfolio, 006 CECPFX $8.7163 11/16/2016 ECAP006 40168N582, 40168N590, 40168N608, 40168N616
  European High Dividend Portfolio, 003 CEUHCX $8.6285 12/21/2016 EUHD003 40169E466, 40169E474, 40169E482, 40169E490
  Flaherty & Crumrine Preferred Portfolio, 034 CPREIX $9.1988 11/9/2016 PREF034 40168N426, 40168N434, 40168N442, 40168N459
  Floating Rate & Dividend Growth Portfolio, 007 CFRDGX $9.9192 11/23/2016 FRDG007 40169E185, 40169E193, 40169E201, 40169E219
  Global 100 Dividend Strategy Portfolio, 004 CGONDX $10.0201 12/15/2016 GONE004 40170A560, 40170A578, 40170A586, 40170A594
  Global Agriculture Portfolio, 016 CGAGFX $8.8049 11/16/2016 GAGR016 40168N749, 40168N756, 40168N764, 40168N772
  Global Growth Portfolio, 002 CGGPBX $9.8549 10/27/2016 GGP002 40168M782, 40168M790, 40168M808, 40168M816
  Global Water Equities Portfolio, 027 CGWEBX $9.9235 11/16/2016 AQUA027 40168N541, 40168N558, 40168N566, 40168N574
  Income & Treasury Limited Duration Portfolio of Funds, 041 CICEBX $9.1279 1/11/2017 ICE041 40169G206, 40169G214, 40169G222, 40169G230
  Income & Treasury Limited Duration Portfolio of Funds, 045 CFICRX $9.8181 12/7/2016 FICE045 40170A362, 40170A370, 40170A388, 40170A396
  Infrastructure & MLP Portfolio of CEFs, 020 CCEITX $5.6678 11/9/2016 CEIF020 40168N228, 40168N236, 40168N244, 40168N251
  Insured National Municipal Portfolio, 95 CNIMCX $162.3300 10/25/2016 A95 183845403, 183845411
  Insured Texas, 050 NA $86.9500 12/30/2016 ITX050 488914250, 488914268, 488914276
  International Dividend Strategy Portfolio, 029 CMVPDX $10.5026 1/3/2017 MVP029 40169X787, 40169X795, 40169X803, 40169X811
  MLP & Energy Funds Portfolio, 008 CMLPHX $6.5455 12/28/2016 MLP008 40169E540, 40169E557, 40169E565, 40169E573
  Multi-Asset Global Dividend Strategy Portfolio, 002 CMGDBX $7.7938 10/24/2016 MGD002 40169N102, 40169N110, 40169N128, 40169N136
  Multiple Asset Portfolio Plus, 052 CMPPZX $8.8583 1/11/2017 MPP052 40169E789, 40169E797, 40169E805, 40169E813
  National Municipal Portfolio of CEFs, 027 CENMBX $9.7975 11/9/2016 DCEN027 40168N269, 40168N277, 40168N285, 40168N293
  New Jersey Municipal Portfolio of CEFs, 015 CENJOX $9.1502 1/11/2017 DCNJ015 40169G446, 40169G453, 40169G461, 40169G479
  New York Municipal Portfolio of CEFs, 022 CENYVX $9.9391 11/9/2016 DCNY022 40168N343, 40168N350, 40168N368, 40168N376
  Quality Dividend Strategy Portfolio, 014 CTPLNX $11.1197 1/3/2017 TPLA014 40169X746, 40169X753, 40169X761, 40169X779
  Rising Rate Defensive Equity Portfolio, 002 CRREBX $9.0856 10/27/2016 RREP002 40168M824, 40168M832, 40168M840, 40168M857
  Senior Loan & Income Portfolio of CEFs, 026 CESLZX $9.2183 11/9/2016 DCES026 40168N301, 40168N319, 40168N327, 40168N335
  Short Duration High Yield Trust, 011 CGSHKX $90.1400 10/24/2016 GSHY011 40167P687, 40167P695
  Strategic Income Portfolio (15-Month), 088 CFSIRX $9.8980 1/9/2017 FSIP088 40169X100, 40169X118, 40169X126, 40169X134
  Strategic Income Portfolio, 091 CSIPVX $8.7355 1/11/2017 SIP091 40169E821, 40169E839, 40169E847, 40169E854
  Technology Portfolio, 015 CTECOX $11.2804 10/26/2016 DTS015 40168M543, 40168M550, 40168M568, 40168M576
  UBS Check-A-Month List: Equity Advisory Group, 2015-2 (AVAILABLE THROUGH UBS ADVISORS ONLY), 002 CUBCBX $11.3065 12/9/2016 UCAM002 40170A487, 40170A495, 40170A503, 40170A511
  Undervalued Top Picks Portfolio, 006 CUVAFX $11.1845 11/22/2016 UVAL006 40169N722, 40169N730, 40169N748, 40169N755
  US 50 Dividend Strategy Portfolio, 005 CUFTEX $9.5092 10/24/2016 UFTY005 40169N144, 40169N151, 40169N169, 40169N177
  US Capital Strength Portfolio, 006 CUCAFX $10.0397 11/16/2016 UCAP006 40168N624, 40168N632, 40168N640, 40168N657
  US High Dividend Strategy Portfolio , 018 CUSHRX $11.1792 1/18/2017 USHD018 40169X308, 40169X316, 40169X324, 40169X332
  US Low Volatility Strategy Portfolio, 012 CULOLX $10.0929 11/1/2016 ULOW012 40169N326, 40169N334, 40169N342, 40169N359
  US SMID High Dividend Portfolio , 018 CSMHRX $9.9272 1/18/2017 SMHD018 40169X266, 40169X274, 40169X282, 40169X290
  Zacks Income Advantage Strategy Portfolio (2-Year), 010 CTZIJX $5.9500 11/15/2016 TZIP010 40168N509, 40168N517, 40168N525, 40168N533
  Zacks Income Advantage Strategy Portfolio, 031 CCZIFX $8.7722 11/15/2016 CZIP031 40169N482, 40169N490, 40169N508, 40169N516
  Zacks Rank Strong Buy 50 Strategy Portfolio, 005 CZRSEX $11.3256 1/3/2017 ZRSB005 40170A842, 40170A859, 40170A867, 40170A875

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