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CUSIPs Trust NASDAQ Ticker Symbol Liquidation Mandatory Maturity Date
  Alerian MLP Infrastructure & Income Portfolio, 004 CAMIDX $9.0103 1/7/2020 AMII004 40174B754, 40174B762, 40174B770, 40174B788
  Balanced Income Builder Portfolio, 022 CGBIVX $9.7658 1/27/2020 GBIB022 40173T749, 40173T756, 40173T764, 40173T772
  BDC Scorecard Portfolio, 014 CBDCNX $7.3104 3/16/2020 BDCS014 40174D701, 40174D719, 40174D727, 40174D735
  Blue Chip Growth Portfolio, 017 CBCHQX $13.2421 2/20/2020 BCHP017 40173U605, 40173U613, 40173U621, 40173U639
  California Municipal Portfolio of CEFs, 025 CECAZX $10.2930 3/6/2020 DCCA025 40173V132, 40173V140, 40173V157, 40173V165
  Core Four 60/40 Retirement Portfolio, 005 CCFOEX $10.9991 2/19/2020 CFOR005 40174D180, 40174D198, 40174D206, 40174D214
  Corporate High Yield & Income Portfolio of CEFs, 033 CEIPEX $9.4755 2/3/2020 DCEI033 40173U241, 40173U258, 40173U266, 40173U274
  Diversified Credit Portfolio of ETFs, 012 CDCPLX $9.9522 2/14/2020 DCP012 40173U480, 40173U498, 40173U506, 40173U514
  Diversified Dividend & Income Portfolio, 028 CDDICX $7.8737 3/23/2020 DDI028 40173V496, 40173V504, 40173V512, 40173V520
  Diversified Income Wave Portfolio, 071 CFWAFX $9.9537 3/9/2020 FWAV071 40174D669, 40174D677, 40174D685, 40174D693
  Dividend Strength Portfolio, 029 CGRODX $11.4802 2/26/2020 GROW029 40173U720, 40173U738, 40173U746, 40173U753
  Dow Jones Sustainable Growth Portfolio, 005 CSUSEX $12.5539 2/19/2020 SUST005 40174D107, 40174D115, 40174D123, 40174D131
  Dow Jones Value Dividend Focus Portfolio, 035 CRBDJX $7.2524 3/16/2020 RBPD035 40174E105, 40174E113, 40174E121, 40174E139
  Emerging Markets Dividend Strategy Portfolio, 028 CGEMCX $10.5801 2/25/2020 GEMD028 40174D222, 40174D230, 40174D248, 40174D255
  Energy Portfolio, 024 CENPYX $7.5520 1/13/2020 DES024 40173T343, 40173T350, 40173T368, 40173T376
  Enhanced Quality 16 Strategy Portfolio, 013 CEQSMX $10.2326 1/8/2020 EQST013 40174B671, 40174B689, 40174B697, 40174B705
  European High Dividend Portfolio, 014 CEUHNX $6.6098 3/16/2020 EUHD014 40174D743, 40174D750, 40174D768, 40174D776
  Flaherty & Crumrine Preferred Portfolio, 045 CPRETX $9.9594 1/24/2020 PREF045 40173T665, 40173T673, 40173T681, 40173T699
  Global 100 Dividend Strategy Portfolio, 017 CGONQX $7.1178 3/16/2020 GONE017 40174D784, 40174D792, 40174D800, 40174D818
  Global Balanced Income Builder Portfolio, 011 CGBLKX $9.7900 1/27/2020 GBAL011 40173T707, 40173T715, 40173T723, 40173T731
  Health Care Portfolio, 024 CHCRYX $11.3184 1/13/2020 DHS024 40173T384, 40173T392, 40173T400, 40173T418
  Income & Treasury Limited Duration Portfolio of Funds, 058 CFICFX $10.2947 3/9/2020 FICE058 40174D628, 40174D636, 40174D644, 40174D651
  Infrastructure & MLP Portfolio of CEFs, 033 CCEIHX $7.7377 2/14/2020 CEIF033 40173U407, 40173U415, 40173U423, 40173U431
  Intermediate Investment-Grade Corporate Trust, 017 CGIIQX $74.2300 1/31/2020 GIIC017 18387J343, 18387J350
  Intermediate Investment-Grade Corporate Trust, 023 CGIIWX $135.0000 1/17/2020 GIIC023 18387Q305, 18387Q313
  Kensho New Horizons Portfolio, 001 CKSPAX $9.6246 3/12/2020 KSPC001 40174E196, 40174E204, 40174E212, 40174E220
  Large-Cap Core Portfolio, 033 CACEHX $10.3819 2/28/2020 LCAP033 40173U803, 40173U811, 40173U829, 40173U837
  MLP & Energy Funds Portfolio, 021 CMLPUX $2.5208 3/23/2020 MLP021 40173V538, 40173V546, 40173V553, 40173V561
  National Municipal Portfolio of CEFs, 037 CENMLX $10.6521 2/3/2020 DCEN037 40173U209, 40173U217, 40173U225, 40173U233
  NDR Thematic Opportunities Portfolio, 006 CTOPFX $9.9473 2/28/2020 TOP006 40174D388, 40174D396, 40174D404, 40174D412
  New Jersey Municipal Portfolio of CEFs, 021 CENJUX $9.6434 1/6/2020 DCNJ021 40173T186, 40173T194, 40173T202, 40173T210
  Quality Quantamental Portfolio (AVAILABLE THROUGH WELLS FARGO ADVISORS ONLY), 001 CQQPAX $12.1848 2/18/2020 QQP001 40174D420, 40174D438, 40174D446, 40174D453
  S&P Dividend Aristocrats Select 25 Strategy Portfolio, 013 CACTMX $12.0646 1/23/2020 ACTS013 40174C307, 40174C315, 40174C323, 40174C331
  Short Duration High Yield Trust, 034 CGSYIX $65.4400 1/17/2020 GSHY034 40167X227, 40167X235
  Short Duration High Yield Trust, 037 CGSYLX $72.4100 1/17/2020 GSHY037 40169A803, 40169A811
  Short Duration High Yield Trust, 038 CGSYMX $76.3300 1/17/2020 GSHY038 40169A829, 40169A837
  SMid Dividend Strength Portfolio, 009 CSMDIX $10.1874 1/27/2020 SMDS009 40173T582, 40173T590, 40173T608, 40173T616
  Strategic Income Portfolio, 103 CFSIEX $10.0325 1/6/2020 FSIP103 40174B630, 40174B648, 40174B655, 40174B663
  Technological Innovation Portfolio, 011 CATEKX $9.2199 3/16/2020 ATEC011 40173V454, 40173V462, 40173V470, 40173V488
  Total Income Portfolio, 015 CTIPOX $9.8198 2/24/2020 TIP015 40174D347, 40174D354, 40174D362, 40174D370
  UBS Opportunistic Equity Income List: Equity Advisory Group 2018-4 (AVAILABLE THROUGH UBS ADVISORS ONLY), 015 CUBCOX $9.6377 3/11/2020 UCAM015 40174D826, 40174D834, 40174D842, 40174D859
  Undervalued Top Picks Portfolio, 019 CUVASX $10.6530 2/25/2020 UVAL019 40174D305, 40174D313, 40174D321, 40174D339
  US 50 Dividend Strategy Portfolio, 018 CUFTRX $9.0623 1/23/2020 UFTY018 40174C349, 40174C356, 40174C364, 40174C372
  US High Dividend Strategy Portfolio, 030 CUSHEX $10.2450 1/21/2020 USHD030 40174C141, 40174C158, 40174C166, 40174C174
  US Low Volatility Strategy Portfolio, 025 CULOZX $12.1142 2/3/2020 ULOW025 40174C505, 40174C513, 40174C521, 40174C539
  US SMID High Dividend Portfolio, 030 CSMHEX $9.0366 1/21/2020 SMHD030 40174B838, 40174B846, 40174B853, 40174B861
  Utilities Portfolio, 027 COPUCX $12.0248 1/13/2020 DUS027 40173T426, 40173T434, 40173T442, 40173T459
  Zacks Income Advantage Strategy Portfolio, 044 CCZISX $9.9154 2/18/2020 CZIP044 40174C745, 40174C752, 40174C760, 40174C778

1 The "liquidation" price represents the net asset value of one unit of a trust and includes any front-end and deferred sales charges accounted for if investors liquidate units.

* No data available. Contact the trading desk for more information.

Form 8937 & Appendix (2019)
Form 8937 & Appendix (2018)
Form 8937 & Appendix (2017)
Form 8937 & Appendix (2016)
Form 8937 & Appendix (2015)
Form 8937 & Appendix (2014)
Form 8937 & Appendix (2013)
Form 8937 & Appendix (2012)

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