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CUSIPs Trust NASDAQ Ticker Symbol Liquidation Mandatory Maturity Date
  Balanced Income Builder Portfolio, 018 CGBIRX $9.8719 1/18/2019 GBIB018 40172A105, 40172A113, 40172A121, 40172A139
  BDC Scorecard Portfolio, 009 CBDCIX $8.6588 12/17/2018 BDCS009 40172X220, 40172X238, 40172X246, 40172X253
  Blue Chip Growth Portfolio, 012 CBCHLX $12.8981 11/16/2018 BCHP012 40171N389, 40171N397, 40171N405, 40171N413
  California Municipal Portfolio of CEFs, 020 CECATX $8.4724 12/7/2018 DCCA020 40171U102, 40171U110, 40171U128, 40171U136
  Covered Call & Income Portfolio of CEFs, 038 CCCIJX $9.5877 12/14/2018 COV038 40171U185, 40171U193, 40171U201, 40171U219
  Discount Opportunity Strategy Portfolio of CEFs, 011 CGDOKX $8.8647 12/21/2018 GDOS011 40171U425, 40171U433, 40171U441, 40171U458
  Diversified Income Wave Portfolio, 066 CFWAAX $8.2036 12/7/2018 FWAV066 40172X105, 40172X113, 40172X121, 40172X139
  Dividend Growth Portfolio, 004 CDGPDX $11.8960 11/28/2018 DGP004 40168J540, 40168J557, 40168J565, 40168J573
  Dividend Strength Portfolio, 023 CGROWX $10.9050 11/26/2018 GROW023 40171N660, 40171N678, 40171N686, 40171N694
  Dow 10 Portfolio, 031 CDOWFX $9.5057 1/3/2019 DDP031 40172X568, 40172X576, 40172X584, 40172X592
  Dow Jones Value Dividend Focus Portfolio, 030 CRBDEX $8.8692 12/17/2018 RBPD030 40172X303, 40172X311, 40172X329, 40172X337
  Emerging Markets Dividend Strategy Portfolio, 023 CGEMWX $8.3091 11/26/2018 GEMD023 40170D564, 40170D572, 40170D580, 40170D598
  Energy Portfolio, 022 CENPVX $8.2502 1/14/2019 DES022 40172A147, 40172A154, 40172A162, 40172A170
  Enhanced Quality 16 Strategy Portfolio, 009 CEQSIX $8.3010 1/8/2019 EQST009 40172X725, 40172X733, 40172X741, 40172X758
  Equity & Income Portfolio of CEFs, 041 CCEEPX $9.9817 12/14/2018 CEEI041 40171U227, 40171U235, 40171U243, 40171U250
  European Capital Strength Portfolio, 012 CECPLX $11.1776 11/16/2018 ECAP012 40171N504, 40171N512, 40171N520, 40171N538
  European High Dividend Portfolio, 007 CEUHGX $9.2197 12/21/2018 EUHD007 40171U383, 40171U391, 40171U409, 40171U417
  European High Dividend Portfolio, 009 CEUHIX $8.2040 12/17/2018 EUHD009 40172X527, 40172X535, 40172X543, 40172X550
  Flaherty & Crumrine Preferred Portfolio, 041 CPREPX $9.1546 11/19/2018 PREF041 40171M845, 40171M852, 40171M860, 40171M878
  Floating Rate & Dividend Growth Portfolio, 013 CFRDMX $10.0980 10/31/2018 FRDG013 40171M746, 40171M753, 40171M761, 40171M779
  Global 100 Dividend Strategy Portfolio, 012 CGONLX $8.4710 12/17/2018 GONE012 40172X261, 40172X279, 40172X287, 40172X295
  Global Water Equities Portfolio, 031 CGWEFX $10.5100 11/16/2018 AQUA031 40171N421, 40171N439, 40171N447, 40171N454
  Income & Treasury Limited Duration Portfolio of Funds, 053 CFICAX $8.7369 12/7/2018 FICE053 40172X147, 40172X154, 40172X162, 40172X170
  Infrastructure & MLP Portfolio of CEFs, 028 CCEICX $8.5025 11/9/2018 CEIF028 40171N223, 40171N231, 40171N249, 40171N256
  International Dividend Strategy Portfolio, 037 CMVPLX $8.6717 1/3/2019 MVP037 40172X600, 40172X618, 40172X626, 40172X634
  Large-Cap Core Portfolio, 029 CACEDX $13.1451 12/3/2018 LCAP029 40171N702, 40171N710, 40171N728, 40171N736
  MLP & Energy Funds Portfolio, 016 CMLPPX $6.0467 12/28/2018 MLP016 40171U466, 40171U474, 40171U482, 40171U490
  National Municipal Portfolio of CEFs, 031 CENMFX $7.2695 11/8/2018 DCEN031 40171H804, 40171H812, 40171H820, 40171H838
  National Municipal Portfolio of CEFs, 032 CENMGX $8.1054 11/2/2018 DCEN032 40171N108, 40171N116, 40171N124, 40171N132
  NDR Thematic Opportunities Portfolio, 001 CTOPAX $9.7907 11/28/2018 TOP001 40172X485, 40172X493, 40172X501, 40172X519
  New Jersey Municipal Portfolio of CEFs, 019 CENJSX $8.5383 1/4/2019 DCNJ019 40172A303, 40172A311, 40172A329, 40172A337
  New York Municipal Portfolio of CEFs, 026 CENYAX $8.0368 11/2/2018 DCNY026 40171N140, 40171N157, 40171N165, 40171N173
  Quality Dividend Strategy Portfolio, 022 CTPLVX $8.5809 1/3/2019 TPLA022 40172X642, 40172X659, 40172X667, 40172X675
  S&P Global Dividend Aristocrats Select 25 Strategy Portfolio, 005 CGACEX $8.9383 1/8/2019 GACT005 40172X766, 40172X774, 40172X782, 40172X790
  Senior Loan & Income Portfolio of CEFs, 030 CESLDX $9.1941 11/9/2018 DCES030 40171N264, 40171N272, 40171N280, 40171N298
  Strategic Income Portfolio, 099 CFSIAX $7.9951 12/31/2018 FSIP099 40172X808, 40172X816, 40172X824, 40172X832
  UBS Opportunistic Equity Income List: Equity Advisory Group 2017-3 (AVAILABLE THROUGH UBS ADVISORS ONLY), 010 CUBCJX $10.2609 12/11/2018 UCAM010 40172X188, 40172X196, 40172X204, 40172X212
  Undervalued Top Picks Portfolio, 014 CUVANX $9.2068 11/26/2018 UVAL014 40170D606, 40170D614, 40170D622, 40170D630
  US Capital Strength Portfolio, 012 CUCALX $12.3676 11/16/2018 UCAP012 40171N462, 40171N470, 40171N488, 40171N496
  US High Dividend Strategy Portfolio , 026 CUSHAX $9.6443 1/18/2019 USHD026 40173A146, 40173A153, 40173A161, 40173A179
  US Low Volatility Strategy Portfolio, 020 CULOTX $10.1872 11/1/2018 ULOW020 40170D200, 40170D218, 40170D226, 40170D234
  US SMID High Dividend Portfolio , 026 CSMHAX $8.7806 1/18/2019 SMHD026 40173A104, 40173A112, 40173A120, 40173A138
  Zacks Income Advantage Strategy Portfolio (2-Year), 018 CTZIRX $10.1170 11/15/2018 TZIP018 40171N306, 40171N314, 40171N322, 40171N330
  Zacks Income Advantage Strategy Portfolio, 039 CCZINX $10.1316 11/15/2018 CZIP039 40172W701, 40172W719, 40172W727, 40172W735

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