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Matured UITs

CUSIPs Trust Ticker Symbol Liquidation1 Mandatory Maturity Date
  abrdn Blue Chip International Portfolio, 001 CBCIAX $7.5629 11/20/2023 ABCI001 40171A189, 40171A197, 40171A205, 40171A213
  ARK Early Stage Disruptors Portfolio, 002 CARKBX $2.0006 11/3/2023 ARKD002 40177C601, 40177C619, 40177C627, 40177C635
  Balanced Income Builder Portfolio, 037 CGBILX $8.6360 10/18/2023 GBIB037 40171A346, 40171A353, 40171A361, 40171A379
  Blue Chip Dividend Portfolio, 006 CBCDFX $8.9098 11/20/2023 BCDV006 40177C387, 40177C395, 40177C403, 40177C411
  Blue Chip Growth Portfolio, 032 CBCHGX $9.6956 11/20/2023 BCHP032 40177C429, 40177C437, 40177C445, 40177C452
  Consumer Innovation Portfolio, 002 CCNSBX $6.4108 9/25/2023 CNSR002 40177B744, 40177B751, 40177B769, 40177B777
  Convertible & Income Portfolio of Funds, 035 CECIJX $6.3053 10/4/2023 DCEC035 40171A106, 40171A114, 40171A122, 40171A130
  Core Four 60/40 Retirement Portfolio, 020 CCFOTX $9.3664 11/20/2023 CFOR020 40177K546, 40177K553, 40177K561, 40177K579
  Covered Call & Income Portfolio of CEFs, 048 CCCITX $7.4002 10/5/2023 COV048 40171A221, 40171A239, 40171A247, 40171A254
  Discount Opportunity Strategy Portfolio of CEFs, 021 CGDOUX $7.1566 10/5/2023 GDOS021 40171A262, 40171A270, 40171A288, 40171A296
  Diversified Income Wave Portfolio, 086 CFWAUX $7.5098 11/2/2023 FWAV086 40177J762, 40177J770, 40177J788, 40177J796
  Dividend Strength Portfolio, 044 CGROSX $8.8111 11/22/2023 GROW044 40177C544, 40177C551, 40177C569, 40177C577
  Dow 10 Portfolio, 050 CDOWZX $9.2412 10/4/2023 DDP050 40177J366, 40177J374, 40177J382, 40177J390
  Dow 50 Growth Portfolio, 020 CSUSTX $10.9070 11/20/2023 SUST020 40177K462, 40177K470, 40177K488, 40177K496
  Dow 50 Value Dividend Portfolio, 049 CRBDYX $9.9941 9/19/2023 RBPD049 40177J309, 40177J317, 40177J325, 40177J333
  European Capital Strength Portfolio, 023 CECPWX $8.0191 11/15/2023 ECAP023 40177C262, 40177C270, 40177C288, 40177C296
  Financials Portfolio, 018 CFINRX $6.8070 10/5/2023 FIN018 40171A304, 40171A312, 40171A320, 40171A338
  Flaherty & Crumrine Preferred Portfolio, 054 CPREDX $6.7546 9/29/2023 PREF054 40171A627, 40171A635, 40171A643, 40171A650
  Floating Rate & Dividend Growth Portfolio, 024 CFRDYX $8.2461 10/30/2023 FRDG024 40171A585, 40171A593, 40171A601, 40171A619
  Global Balanced Income Builder Portfolio, 018 CGBLRX $8.3492 9/29/2023 GBAL018 40177B785, 40177B793, 40177B801, 40177B819
  GNMA Portfolio, 019 CGNMRX $2.0156 10/23/2023 DGNMA019 40166G183, 40166G191
  Income & Treasury Limited Duration Portfolio of Funds, 072 CFICTX $8.9988 9/11/2023 FICE072 40177J226, 40177J234, 40177J242, 40177J259
  Investment Grade Corporate Trust 3-7 Year, 009 CGIGIX $143.1200 9/12/2023 GIGS009 40172R744, 40172R751
  National Municipal Portfolio of CEFs, 052 CENMBX $5.8141 11/6/2023 DCEN052 40177C148, 40177C155, 40177C163, 40177C171
  NDR Precious Metals & Miners Portfolio, 021 CPMMUX $9.1583 10/18/2023 PMMP021 40171A429, 40171A437, 40171A445, 40171A452
  New York Municipal Portfolio of CEFs, 037 CENYLX $6.0026 11/6/2023 DCNY037 40177C221, 40177C239, 40177C247, 40177C254
  S&P Dividend Aristocrats Select 25 Strategy Portfolio, 028 CACTCX $9.3266 10/25/2023 ACTS028 40177J648, 40177J655, 40177J663, 40177J671
  Senior Loan & Income Portfolio of CEFs, 041 CESLOX $7.4725 11/6/2023 DCES041 40177C189, 40177C197, 40177C205, 40177C213
  Technological Innovation Portfolio, 018 CATERX $8.5373 9/15/2023 ATEC018 40177B660, 40177B678, 40177B686, 40177B694
  Technology Portfolio, 030 CTECEX $7.6991 10/25/2023 DTS030 40171A502, 40171A510, 40171A528, 40171A536
  Tekla Medical Science Innovation Portfolio, 003 CTMECX $6.1570 11/15/2023 TMED003 40177C304, 40177C312, 40177C320, 40177C338
  US 50 Dividend Strategy Portfolio, 033 CUFTHX $9.0834 10/25/2023 UFTY033 40177J689, 40177J697, 40177J705, 40177J713
  US Capital Strength Portfolio, 023 CUCAWX $9.0980 11/15/2023 UCAP023 40177C346, 40177C353, 40177C361, 40177C379
  US High Dividend Strategy Portfolio, 045 CUSHTX $9.5433 10/18/2023 USHD045 40177J606, 40177J614, 40177J622, 40177J630
  US Low Volatility Strategy Portfolio, 040 CULOOX $9.1263 11/2/2023 ULOW040 40177K140, 40177K157, 40177K165, 40177K173

1 The "liquidation" price represents the net asset value of one unit of a trust and includes any front-end and deferred sales charges accounted for if investors liquidate units.

* No data available. Contact the trading desk for more information.

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