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Matured UITs

CUSIPs Trust Ticker Symbol Liquidation1 Mandatory Maturity Date
  Balanced Income Builder Portfolio, 034 CGBIIX $10.4797 1/19/2023 GBIB034 40176E582, 40176E590, 40176E608, 40176E616
  Blue Chip Dividend Portfolio, 002 CBCDBX $12.3799 11/16/2022 BCDV002 40176C784, 40176C792, 40176C800, 40176C818
  Blue Chip Growth Portfolio, 028 CBCHCX $11.3400 11/16/2022 BCHP028 40176D469, 40176D477, 40176D485, 40176D493
  California Municipal Portfolio of CEFs, 035 CECAJX $7.3774 12/5/2022 DCCA035 40176D782, 40176D790, 40176D808, 40176D816
  Core Four 60/40 Retirement Portfolio, 016 CCFOPX $9.0543 11/18/2022 CFOR016 40177B306, 40177B314, 40177B322, 40177B330
  Diversified Income Wave Portfolio, 082 CFWAQX $7.0995 12/9/2022 FWAV082 40177B629, 40177B637, 40177B645, 40177B652
  Dividend Growth Portfolio, 012 CDGPLX $15.2672 11/16/2022 DGP012 40170D523, 40170D531, 40170D549, 40170D556
  Dividend Strength Portfolio, 040 CGROOX $11.1240 11/28/2022 GROW040 40176D667, 40176D675, 40176D683, 40176D691
  Dow 10 Portfolio, 047 CDOWVX $10.4338 1/13/2023 DDP047 40171A148, 40171A155, 40171A163, 40171A171
  Dow 50 Growth Portfolio, 016 CSUSPX $7.9996 11/18/2022 SUST016 40177B264, 40177B272, 40177B280, 40177B298
  Dow 50 Value Dividend Portfolio, 046 CRBDUX $9.4505 12/19/2022 RBPD046 40177B702, 40177B710, 40177B728, 40177B736
  Emerging Markets Dividend Strategy Portfolio, 037 CGEMLX $8.3003 1/12/2023 GEMD037 40176E467, 40176E475, 40176E483, 40176E491
  Equity & Income Portfolio of CEFs, 049 CCEEYX $8.9311 12/5/2022 CEEI049 40176D824, 40176D832, 40176D840, 40176D857
  European Capital Strength Portfolio, 021 CECPUX $9.3944 11/16/2022 ECAP021 40176D543, 40176D550, 40176D568, 40176D576
  Flaherty & Crumrine Preferred Portfolio, 051 CPREAX $7.9642 11/7/2022 PREF051 40176D428, 40176D436, 40176D444, 40176D451
  Floating Rate & Dividend Growth Portfolio, 022 CFRDVX $10.0818 11/2/2022 FRDG022 40176D386, 40176D394, 40176D402, 40176D410
  Health Care Portfolio, 030 CHCREX $10.4304 1/17/2023 DHS030 40176E541, 40176E558, 40176E566, 40176E574
  Income & Treasury Limited Duration Portfolio of Funds, 069 CFICQX $7.5598 12/9/2022 FICE069 40177B587, 40177B595, 40177B603, 40177B611
  Kensho New Horizons Portfolio, 009 CKSPIX $10.3657 12/9/2022 KSPC009 40176E269, 40176E277, 40176E285, 40176E293
  National Municipal Portfolio of CEFs, 048 CENMWX $7.0482 11/2/2022 DCEN048 40176D220, 40176D238, 40176D246, 40176D253
  New York Municipal Portfolio of CEFs, 035 CENYJX $6.6811 11/2/2022 DCNY035 40176D303, 40176D311, 40176D329, 40176D337
  S&P Dividend Aristocrats Select 25 Strategy Portfolio, 025 CACTZX $9.4228 1/25/2023 ACTS025 40171A460, 40171A478, 40171A486, 40171A494
  Senior Loan & Income Portfolio of CEFs, 039 CESLMX $8.2071 11/2/2022 DCES039 40176D261, 40176D279, 40176D287, 40176D295
  Short Duration High Yield Trust, 046 CGSYUX $51.1500 11/15/2022 GSHY046 40171H226, 40171H234
  SMid Dividend Strength Portfolio, 015 CSMDOX $9.9070 1/23/2023 SMDS015 40176E665, 40176E673, 40176E681, 40176E699
  Strategic Income Portfolio, 112 CFSINX $7.9242 1/12/2023 FSIP112 40176E426, 40176E434, 40176E442, 40176E459
  Tekla Medical Science Innovation Portfolio, 001 CTMEAX $8.7278 11/21/2022 TMED001 40176D741, 40176D758, 40176D766, 40176D774
  US 50 Dividend Strategy Portfolio, 030 CUFTEX $9.5912 1/25/2023 UFTY030 40171A544, 40171A551, 40171A569, 40171A577
  US Capital Strength Portfolio, 021 CUCAUX $10.0567 11/16/2022 UCAP021 40176D501, 40176D519, 40176D527, 40176D535
  US High Dividend Strategy Portfolio, 042 CUSHQX $10.4804 1/23/2023 USHD042 40171A387, 40171A395, 40171A403, 40171A411
  US Low Volatility Strategy Portfolio, 036 CULOKX $9.5083 11/2/2022 ULOW036 40177A662, 40177A670, 40177A688, 40177A696
  Utilities Portfolio, 033 COPUIX $11.3597 1/17/2023 DUS033 40176E624, 40176E632, 40176E640, 40176E657

1 The "liquidation" price represents the net asset value of one unit of a trust and includes any front-end and deferred sales charges accounted for if investors liquidate units.

* No data available. Contact the trading desk for more information.

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Form 8937 & Appendix (2012)

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