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CUSIPs Trust NASDAQ Ticker Symbol Liquidation Mandatory Maturity Date
  Alerian MLP Infrastructure & Income Portfolio, 001 CAMIAX $8.8925 4/8/2019 AMII001 40173T822, 40173T830, 40173T848, 40173T855
  Alternative Income Portfolio, 008 CAIPHX $7.9063 4/15/2019 AIP008 40172T468, 40172T476, 40172T484, 40172T492
  Balanced Income Builder Portfolio, 019 CGBISX $10.0586 4/18/2019 GBIB019 40172T666, 40172T674, 40172T682, 40172T690
  BDC Scorecard Portfolio, 010 CBDCJX $9.1546 3/15/2019 BDCS010 40173C647, 40173C654, 40173C662, 40173C670
  Blue Chip Growth Portfolio, 014 CBCHNX $11.6326 5/15/2019 BCHP014 40172U481, 40172U499, 40172U507, 40172U515
  BofA Merrill Lynch Tax Reform Beneficiaries Portfolio (AVAILABLE THROUGH MERRILL LYNCH ADVISORS ONLY), 001 CMTAAX $9.1201 4/17/2019 MTAB001 40173U100, 40173U118, 40173U126, 40173U134
  California Municipal Portfolio of CEFs, 021 CECAUX $8.9018 3/7/2019 DCCA021 40172A626, 40172A634, 40172A642, 40172A659
  Claymore/Guggenheim Long-Term National Municipal Trust, 001 CGLTAX $284.7900 4/16/2019 GLTM001 18384L663, 18384L671
  Convertible & Income Portfolio of Funds, 025 CECIZX $9.5396 4/12/2019 DCEC025 40172T427, 40172T435, 40172T443, 40172T450
  Core Four 60/40 Retirement Portfolio, 002 CCFOBX $10.1979 5/20/2019 CFOR002 40173U522, 40173U530, 40173U548, 40173U555
  Diversified Dividend & Income Portfolio, 025 CDDIZX $11.5405 3/22/2019 DDI025 40172T104, 40172T112, 40172T120, 40172T138
  Diversified Income Wave Portfolio, 067 CFWABX $8.7483 3/7/2019 FWAV067 40173C522, 40173C530, 40173C548, 40173C555
  Dividend Strength Portfolio, 024 CGROYX $10.9104 2/22/2019 GROW024 40172R504, 40172R512, 40172R520, 40172R538
  Dow 10 Portfolio, 032 CDOWGX $10.4394 4/3/2019 DDP032 40173T103, 40173T111, 40173T129, 40173T137
  Dow Jones Sustainable Growth Portfolio, 002 CSUSBX $10.3968 5/20/2019 SUST002 40173U563, 40173U571, 40173U589, 40173U597
  Dow Jones Value Dividend Focus Portfolio, 031 CRBDFX $8.9013 3/15/2019 RBPD031 40173C803, 40173C811, 40173C829, 40173C837
  Emerging Markets Dividend Strategy Portfolio, 024 CGEMYX $8.9737 2/25/2019 GEMD024 40173C142, 40173C159, 40173C167, 40173C175
  Enhanced Quality 16 Strategy Portfolio, 010 CEQSJX $8.6982 4/8/2019 EQST010 40173T269, 40173T277, 40173T285, 40173T293
  European High Dividend Portfolio, 010 CEUHJX $8.7162 3/15/2019 EUHD010 40173C688, 40173C696, 40173C704, 40173C712
  Financials Portfolio, 008 CFINHX $10.8226 4/15/2019 FIN008 40172T500, 40172T518, 40172T526, 40172T534
  Flaherty & Crumrine Preferred Portfolio, 042 CPREQX $9.2552 5/3/2019 PREF042 40172U440, 40172U457, 40172U465, 40172U473
  Floating Rate & Dividend Growth Portfolio, 014 CFRDNX $10.1644 4/29/2019 FRDG014 40172U184, 40172U192, 40172U200, 40172U218
  Global 100 Dividend Strategy Portfolio, 013 CGONMX $8.9510 3/15/2019 GONE013 40173C761, 40173C779, 40173C787, 40173C795
  Global Water Equities Portfolio, 032 CGWEGX $9.9790 5/16/2019 AQUA032 40172U606, 40172U614, 40172U622, 40172U630
  Income & Treasury Limited Duration Portfolio of Funds, 054 CFICBX $9.1424 3/7/2019 FICE054 40173C563, 40173C571, 40173C589, 40173C597
  Infrastructure & MLP Portfolio of CEFs, 030 CCEIEX $7.6591 5/10/2019 CEIF030 40172U408, 40172U416, 40172U424, 40172U432
  Intermediate Investment-Grade Corporate Trust, 001 CGIIAX $36.0800 4/29/2019 GIIC001 18384L689, 18384L697
  Intermediate Investment-Grade Corporate Trust, 004 CGIIDX $19.9900 5/15/2019 GIIC004 18387C728, 18387C736
  International Dividend Strategy Portfolio, 038 CMVPMX $8.9407 4/3/2019 MVP038 40173T145, 40173T152, 40173T160, 40173T178
  Large-Cap Core Portfolio, 030 CACEEX $11.8132 2/22/2019 LCAP030 40172R546, 40172R553, 40172R561, 40172R579
  ML Top Picks for 2018 (AVAILABLE THROUGH MERRILL LYNCH ADVISORS ONLY), 006 CMPIFX $10.4225 4/15/2019 MPIX006 40173V611, 40173V629
  MLP & Energy Funds Portfolio, 017 CMLPQX $7.3242 3/22/2019 MLP017 40172T146, 40172T153, 40172T161, 40172T179
  Multinational Titans Portfolio, 012 CMNTLX $13.4569 4/18/2019 MNTP012 40172T740, 40172T757, 40172T765, 40172T773
  National Municipal Portfolio of CEFs, 034 CENMIX $9.0113 5/2/2019 DCEN034 40172U325, 40172U333, 40172U341, 40172U358
  NDR Thematic Opportunities Portfolio, 002 CTOPBX $9.1301 2/28/2019 TOP002 40173C266, 40173C274, 40173C282, 40173C290
  New York Municipal Portfolio of CEFs, 027 CENYBX $8.9998 5/2/2019 DCNY027 40172U366, 40172U374, 40172U382, 40172U390
  Precious Metals & Miners Portfolio, 012 CPMMLX $8.3909 4/18/2019 PMMP012 40172T781, 40172T799, 40172T807, 40172T815
  REIT Portfolio, 016 CGRTPX $8.9959 4/18/2019 GRET016 40172T708, 40172T716, 40172T724, 40172T732
  Rising Rate Defensive Equity Portfolio, 007 CRREGX $10.2897 3/14/2019 RREP007 40172T542, 40172T559, 40172T567, 40172T575
  S&P Dividend Aristocrats Select 25 Strategy Portfolio, 010 CACTJX $9.6968 4/25/2019 ACTS010 40173T624, 40173T632, 40173T640, 40173T657
  S&P Global Dividend Aristocrats Select 25 Strategy Portfolio, 006 CGACFX $8.6135 4/8/2019 GACT006 40173T301, 40173T319, 40173T327, 40173T335
  Senior Loan & Income Portfolio of CEFs, 031 CESLEX $8.3399 4/8/2019 DCES031 40172U242, 40172U259, 40172U267, 40172U275
  Short Duration High Yield Trust, 020 CGSHTX $33.9600 4/16/2019 GSHY020 40166G449, 40166G456
  Strategic Income Portfolio, 100 CFSIBX $9.1302 4/4/2019 FSIP100 40173T228, 40173T236, 40173T244, 40173T251
  Technological Innovation Portfolio, 008 CATEHX $14.5290 3/15/2019 ATEC008 40172A709, 40172A717, 40172A725, 40172A733
  Technology Portfolio, 020 CTECTX $14.6354 4/22/2019 DTS020 40172T823, 40172T831, 40172T849, 40172T856
  Total Income Portfolio, 009 CTIPIX $9.4474 2/22/2019 TIP009 40172R587, 40172R595, 40172R603, 40172R611
  Total Income Portfolio, 011 CTIPKX $9.3928 2/26/2019 TIP011 40172X840, 40172X857, 40172X865, 40172X873
  UBS Opportunistic Equity Income List: Equity Advisory Group 2017-4 (AVAILABLE THROUGH UBS ADVISORS ONLY), 011 CUBCKX $9.6024 3/11/2019 UCAM011 40173C605, 40173C613, 40173C621, 40173C639
  Undervalued Top Picks Portfolio, 015 CUVAOX $10.5884 2/25/2019 UVAL015 40173C225, 40173C233, 40173C241, 40173C258
  US 50 Dividend Strategy Portfolio, 015 CUFTOX $8.2873 4/25/2019 UFTY015 40173T541, 40173T558, 40173T566, 40173T574
  US High Dividend Strategy Portfolio , 027 CUSHBX $9.7423 4/18/2019 USHD027 40173T509, 40173T517, 40173T525, 40173T533
  US Low Volatility Strategy Portfolio, 022 CULOVX $11.1151 5/1/2019 ULOW022 40173U167, 40173U175, 40173U183, 40173U191
  US SMID High Dividend Portfolio , 027 CSMHBX $9.0189 4/18/2019 SMHD027 40173T467, 40173T475, 40173T483, 40173T491
  Zacks Income Advantage Strategy Portfolio (2-Year), 020 CTZITX $9.2859 5/15/2019 TZIP020 40172U564, 40172U572, 40172U580, 40172U598
  Zacks Income Advantage Strategy Portfolio, 041 CCZIPX $9.0194 5/15/2019 CZIP041 40173U449, 40173U456, 40173U464, 40173U472

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