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CUSIPs Trust Ticker Symbol Liquidation1 Mandatory Maturity Date
  Alerian Energy Infrastructure & MLP Capital Strength Portfolio, 009 CAMIIX $7.3753 4/8/2021 AMII009 40175F101, 40175F119, 40175F127, 40175F135
  BDC Scorecard Portfolio, 018 CBDCRX $9.0490 3/16/2021 BDCS018 40175E666, 40175E674, 40175E682, 40175E690
  Blue Chip Growth Portfolio, 021 CBCHUX $15.0395 2/16/2021 BCHP021 40174F300, 40174F318, 40174F326, 40174F334
  California Municipal Portfolio of CEFs, 028 CECACX $10.3125 3/8/2021 DCCA028 40174G183, 40174G191, 40174G209, 40174G217
  Convertible & Income Portfolio of Funds, 030 CECIEX $12.6940 4/5/2021 DCEC030 40174G688, 40174G696, 40174G704, 40174G712
  Core Four 60/40 Retirement Portfolio, 009 CCFOIX $10.2893 2/19/2021 CFOR009 40175D544, 40175D551, 40175D569, 40175D577
  Corporate High Yield & Income Portfolio of CEFs, 035 CEIPGX $9.8370 2/1/2021 DCEI035 40174E832, 40174E840, 40174E857, 40174E865
  Diversified Credit Portfolio of ETFs, 014 CDCPNX $10.6356 2/12/2021 DCP014 40174F466, 40174F474, 40174F482, 40174F490
  Diversified Dividend & Income Portfolio, 030 CDDIEX $12.9270 3/22/2021 DDI030 40174G506, 40174G514, 40174G522, 40174G530
  Diversified Income Wave Portfolio, 075 CFWAJX $9.5811 3/9/2021 FWAV075 40175E468, 40175E476, 40175E484, 40175E492
  Dividend Strength Portfolio, 033 CGROHX $11.8824 2/22/2021 GROW033 40174F748, 40174F755, 40174F763, 40174F771
  Dow 10 Portfolio, 040 CDOWOX $9.7143 4/5/2021 DDP040 40175E765, 40175E773, 40175E781, 40175E799
  Dow Jones Sustainable Growth Portfolio, 009 CSUSIX $12.5814 2/19/2021 SUST009 40175D585, 40175D593, 40175D601, 40175D619
  Dow Jones Value Dividend Focus Portfolio, 039 CRBDNX $10.3064 3/16/2021 RBPD039 40175E583, 40175E591, 40175E609, 40175E617
  Emerging Markets Dividend Strategy Portfolio, 032 CGEMGX $9.3854 2/25/2021 GEMD032 40175D700, 40175D718, 40175D726, 40175D734
  Energy Portfolio, 026 CENPAX $6.1639 1/14/2021 DES026 40174E436, 40174E444, 40174E451, 40174E469
  Global 100 Dividend Strategy Portfolio, 021 CGONUX $10.3778 3/16/2021 GONE021 40175E625, 40175E633, 40175E641, 40175E658
  Global Balanced Income Builder Portfolio, 013 CGBLMX $10.5375 2/12/2021 GBAL013 40174E790, 40174E808, 40174E816, 40174E824
  Health Care Portfolio, 026 CHCRAX $12.8970 1/14/2021 DHS026 40174E477, 40174E485, 40174E493, 40174E501
  Income & Treasury Limited Duration Portfolio of Funds, 062 CFICJX $9.4640 3/9/2021 FICE062 40175E427, 40175E435, 40175E443, 40175E450
  Infrastructure & MLP Portfolio of CEFs, 037 CCEILX $5.8136 2/8/2021 CEIF037 40174F185, 40174F193, 40174F201, 40174F219
  Intermediate Investment-Grade Corporate Trust, 029 CGIADX $112.8700 2/16/2021 GIIC029 40167E740, 40167E757
  International Dividend Strategy Portfolio, 046 CMVPUX $9.4530 4/5/2021 MVP046 40175E807, 40175E815, 40175E823, 40175E831
  Kensho New Horizons Portfolio, 005 CKSPEX $11.3673 3/12/2021 KSPC005 40175E542, 40175E559, 40175E567, 40175E575
  Large-Cap Core Portfolio, 035 CACEJX $13.4449 2/22/2021 LCAP035 40174F706, 40174F714, 40174F722, 40174F730
  MLP & Energy Funds Portfolio, 024 CMLPYX $3.7315 1/29/2021 MLP024 40174E147, 40174E154, 40174E162, 40174E170
  Multinational Titans Portfolio, 016 CMNTPX $15.2490 2/8/2021 MNTP016 40174F268, 40174F276, 40174F284, 40174F292
  National Municipal Portfolio of CEFs, 041 CENMPX $10.7488 2/4/2021 DCEN041 40174F144, 40174F151, 40174F169, 40174F177
  NDR Thematic Opportunities Portfolio, 010 CTOPJX $10.5757 3/1/2021 TOP010 40175E187, 40175E195, 40175E203, 40175E211
  Quality Core Equity Portfolio, 005 CQQPEX $11.7930 2/18/2021 QQP005 40175D429, 40175D437, 40175D445, 40175D452
  REIT Portfolio, 020 CGRTTX $9.7219 2/8/2021 GRET020 40174F227, 40174F235, 40174F243, 40174F250
  S&P Dividend Aristocrats Select 25 Strategy Portfolio, 017 CACTQX $11.1814 1/25/2021 ACTS017 40175B746, 40175B753, 40175B761, 40175B779
  SMid Dividend Strength Portfolio, 011 CSMDKX $10.9084 1/22/2021 SMDS011 40174E675, 40174E683, 40174E691, 40174E709
  Strategic Income Portfolio, 108 CFSIJX $9.8281 4/6/2021 FSIP108 40175E849, 40175E856, 40175E864, 40175E872
  Technological Innovation Portfolio, 013 CATEMX $14.0726 3/15/2021 ATEC013 40174G381, 40174G399, 40174G407, 40174G415
  Total Income Portfolio, 019 CTIPSX $8.9048 2/24/2021 TIP019 40175E146, 40175E153, 40175E161, 40175E179
  UBS Opportunistic Equity Income: 2019-4 (AVAILABLE THROUGH UBS ADVISORS ONLY), 019 CUBCSX $10.6865 3/11/2021 UCAM019 40175E500, 40175E518, 40175E526, 40175E534
  Undervalued Top Picks Portfolio, 023 CUVAWX $11.5061 2/25/2021 UVAL023 40175D742, 40175D759, 40175D767, 40175D775
  US 50 Dividend Strategy Portfolio, 022 CUFTVX $9.8956 1/25/2021 UFTY022 40175B787, 40175B795, 40175B803, 40175B811
  US High Dividend Strategy Portfolio, 034 CUSHIX $9.3957 1/21/2021 USHD034 40175B662, 40175B670, 40175B688, 40175B696
  US Low Volatility Strategy Portfolio, 029 CULODX $9.7282 2/3/2021 ULOW029 40175D189, 40175D197, 40175D205, 40175D213
  US SMID High Dividend Portfolio, 034 CSMHIX $9.7697 1/21/2021 SMHD034 40175B621, 40175B639, 40175B647, 40175B654
  Utilities Portfolio, 029 COPUEX $11.2731 1/14/2021 DUS029 40174E519, 40174E527, 40174E535, 40174E543
  Zacks Income Advantage Strategy Portfolio, 048 CCZIWX $8.3474 2/18/2021 CZIP048 40175D502, 40175D510, 40175D528, 40175D536

1 The "liquidation" price represents the net asset value of one unit of a trust and includes any front-end and deferred sales charges accounted for if investors liquidate units.

* No data available. Contact the trading desk for more information.

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