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Guggenheim investment professionals regularly appear in leading financial TV, print and electronic media outlets, including Financial Times, Barron’s, Forbes, Bloomberg, CNBC, and Fox Business News.

April 06, 2018

Stocks Vulnerable to Looming Credit Weakness 

Global CIO and Chairman of Investments Scott Minerd explains on CNBC that stocks are likely to rise for the next year, but after the peak could see a retracement of up to 40% on credit weakness as the corporate sector continues to build up historic debt levels.

March 21, 2018

Fed Day Outlook for Opportunity and Risk

In a wide-ranging interview on Bloomberg TV, Scott Minerd, Global CIO and Chairman of Investments, discussed the Fed’s rate decision and investment strategies in the context of late-cycle market behavior. 

March 15, 2018

Fiscal Stimulus May Force the Fed to Push Back

Scott Minerd, Chairman of Investments and Global CIO, explains on Bloomberg TV why stimulus late in the business cycle puts fiscal and monetary policy on a collision course, and discusses strategies for investors.

February 06, 2018

Understanding the Stock Market Correction

Scott Minerd, Chairman of Investments and Global CIO, explains on CNBC the role that rising rates played in the stock market correction, and why investors should not panic.

February 03, 2018

Barron’s: The Bull’s Days Are Numbered

Guggenheim’s Scott Minerd sees trouble ahead for U.S. stocks and bonds as the yield curve flattens and a recession arrives.

February 01, 2018

High-Yield and Bank Loan Outlook: Be Wary of Eroding Investor Protections

Tom Hauser and Brian Smedley provide perspective on current and future conditions in the high yield and bank loan market.

February 01, 2018

Forecasting the Next Recession

Scott Minerd and Brian Smedley provide context and commentary to complement our recent publication, “Forecasting the Next Recession.”

February 01, 2018

Macro Themes to Watch in 2018

Scott Minerd discusses his market outlook, highlighting several charts from his recent piece “10 Macro Themes to Watch in 2018.”

January 31, 2018

Is the Fed Tightening Too Fast? Ask the Yield Curve

Scott Minerd, Global CIO and Chairman of Investments, joins CNBC’s Fed Day panel to share insights on how the shape of the yield curve is an early warning signal that the end of the business cycle is in sight.

January 29, 2018

Options for Risk-Averse Investors

Scott Minerd, Global CIO and Chairman of Investments, explains why he sees bullish sentiment at Davos as a contra-indicator and discusses a strategy that may help equity investors.

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